Thursday 8 August 2019

Procrastination - a symptom of stress?

So the committee work came to an end late last year, just as the day job workload shot through the roof!  Talk about timing.  After being on our branch committee and chairing the national committee, I was ready to get back to making - after all I have 18 quilt tops to baste and quilt, projects to make for family and close friends and my mum wants two more cushions and another quilt.  When I counted up all the WIP's, UFO's I was at 48, which is nuts! 

So overloaded, I had to have a regroup on all fronts.  I normally just plough on through, say yes no problem to everyone and think about the stress when it's over.  This time though, I needed to press pause, centre myself, say no twice and engage the thinking brain.  So there was prioritising everywhere: family, work, health and the house.   I found a you tube video by Mel Robbins who said procrastination is a symptom of stress. Figure out what you are stressed about to get moving again. 

The Endeavourers May Challenge "Raindrops keep falling on my head"
Somehow, making lots of lists, to do's and prioritising healthful things like de-cluttering the house room by room, buying a new desk and storage for all my lovely fabric and ticking things off as done, pulled my distracted, overloaded brain, back into some semblance of starting to feel like myself again.  The creative brain will want to be fed though, so while I was resetting to centre, I did give a workshop and signed up for a few,  and I had a blast! 

It was joyful play and a great boost to bring me back to my making self!  Spending a day away from it all, with people united by a love of colour and creating crafty projects, good company and good fun is a real treat we all need from time to time!

I started this post in April and now it's August go figure.  So I will have lots to share in the coming posts recapping the year that was in it so far and all the quilty UFO's to be completed in the months ahead.  For now my most recent make is over on the Endeavourers blog.  Our Quarterly challenge is a themed challenge and this time we are sharing makes on "A Walk in the Park".

To read about my fabric dyed, free motion quilted Rose please visit here and to see more from all who participated please visit the Endeavourers home page here.

The Endeavourers August Challenge "A Walk in the Park"


  1. Forty-eight? Yikes!! Being a deeply sequential person, I can only manage one at a time! I do hope you get things sorted to your satisfaction soon.

    1. That number includes all on the designs not yet started, BOM, Bee's and presents for family as well as UFO's + WIP's. One at a time is the only way things get finished so I am working my way through the top 5 one at a time. Realistically I'm going to have to let some go... oh well.

  2. Love the rose... great job with it. Simple and dynamic. The home picture is so evocative of home comforts. Love the little beagle pic!

  3. Thanks a million Lee Anna. Our Charly is so cute she gets away with sleeping on the bed sometimes!

  4. I really understand how you feel, Ruth! I have so many projects to finish that I just dare not count them!
    My list got so bad, and I struggled to finish my quilts for The Endeavourers, that I had to step away, but nothing has changed and I am still trying to stitch more than I possibly can finish!
    Love, love, love both your Endeavourers quilts, and all the cute little details in the May one especially!
    Your rose is beautiful too!
    Barbara xx

  5. I've been there, but have been making progress on getting things finished. Hope things settle down for you.

  6. I've found it a really hectic year, too, and I've hardly blogged or made anything :( I'm glad you found a way to fit in the workshops and get some making balance and I'm very glad you found time to make your lovely raindrops quilt and the beautiful rose quilt. I hope you manage to find more making time or at least some relaxing time soon :)

  7. You popped in to my head the other day. I was looking for the date for when I started a project (almost 6 years ago!) and have only just finished now. Sheesh 6 years! Talk about life getting busy! I see this post was published back in August last year. I just wanted to pop in and say hi! Serena @sewging x

  8. Hi Serena, sohappy to hear from you! When you get out of the habit of blogging time just flies! I have stuff to share so will get my butt in gear again. I see you are posting again as well. Hope all is well down under and the family are all well in these crazy times. Ruth

  9. It's a topic that resonates with many of us, as we navigate the challenges of balancing our responsibilities and finding the motivation to tackle tasks.

  10. I found your blog on procrastination and stress quite insightful. It's like uncovering the right "link scooter" to better understand the connections between our behaviors and mental health. Thanks for shedding light on this important topic!


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