Thursday 20 March 2014

Meet Wilbur!

Wilburs First night home!
Meet Wilbur!  Not this fabric Wilbur, (though I am making progress on my Basset Hound Ticker Quilt as you go project), the real Wilbur.

Lily Pad Quilting, hosts of my favourite Linky party ever "Pets on Quilts", are having a warm up with a Rescue Me linky.  It's an opportunity to link up a post or a photo of our adopted fur balls and is open to everyone not just rescues!  So seeing at it's Wilbur's birthday with us (we adopted Wilbur just over a year ago! He is 8 this year.) this post is all about him. 

We adopted Wilbur from Ash Animal Rescue on Mothers day last year (Mothers day in Ireland is in March!).  It was a snowy day and we dragged my poor mum  to the middle of nowhere in co. Wicklow to the rescue centre.  My mum's cousin had spotted Wilbur on their web page the week we had lost Ben but thought it might be too soon.  A few weeks went by and still Wilbur wasn't rehomed and our house just wasn't the same without a Basset.  Charly missed Ben terribly and to be honest I was just as bad as her, if not worse.  So on a snowy Sunday we all, (Charly too!), drove 2 1/2 hours to Ash to meet Wilbur. 

As soon as Gordon and I saw him, mad excited to go for a walk with us we knew we were taking him home (to be honest,  we knew we were taking him the minute we set off in car!).  A few people had been out to see him but found him too strong and too boisterous, not us.  All we saw was a happy bouncy Basset.  Now Wilbur isn't the best behaved of Basset's. (I'm told there is no such thing as a well behaved Basset!)

He pulls on the lead and at 25 kg he is strong.  

He steals clothes from the dryer, yes clean ones!

 Sorry Wilbur, there is no way you are convincing me that clothes are edible!  Not even shiny Santa hats!

He likes to jump.

Right at your head!

He has that Basset thing of selective hearing

and quite happily forgets his name when you want to call him off the sofa!

He loves to be the centre of attention and likes to photo bomb at every opportunity.

  He does do a brilliant sit when there is food on offer, but only when there is food on offer.

He has a really cool kennel but he prefers the sofa.  He has the choice of 2 and he is always on the one you intend to sit on!  (Charly likes to sit higher than him and is prone to stealing his bed so smart Basset stretches out on the sofa!  Can't blame him really.)

He has short little legs but that doesn't stop him.

He always finds a way to get what he wants, which most of the time is to be where you are

or on your lap!

How could you not love that face?

A big thank you to Helena and Remi @ Ash who looked after him and found him a home with us.  Happy adopted birthday Wilbur!

Linking up to Rescue Me @ Lilly Pad Quilting


  1. What a cute dog! And, some of those pictures are fabulous!

  2. Love all your photos and Wilber looks like he is really content 'at home'.

  3. I'm totally smitten with Wilbur! Give him a hug from Texas...:)

  4. Oh, he's wonderful, I've completely fallen in love.

  5. I am so in love with him! His little face will melt any heart. Your photos do such an amazing job of capturing his personality.
    Ash is a wonderful place, isn't it? I'm a supporter of their wonderful efforts.

  6. Man you know I love him! He's such a cutie patootie!! Love those ears and paws and most of all that face! <3 <3

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Wilbur is a perfect name for him! I just loves Bassets!

  9. Wilbur is adorable! Give him a snuggle from me! Thanks for joining our party.

  10. Wonderful post and lovely photos! Wilbur is adorable and oh so lucky. Several of his behaviors made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing.

  11. A dog that could be a model. So handsome. His feet look huge but not scary... Fun that he likes to be with you.

  12. Naww, love the rolls on his ankles!

  13. oooo the face! Lucky he's cute because, eating laundry?! He looks like a great fit in your family, so good you found each other! (those short legs!)
    LeeAnna Paylor living with a standard poodle with his own page on my blog

  14. Adorable! Such great pictures... love the beach shots. And his ears!

  15. I too enjoyed your pictures. So glad you shared Wilbur under our dog theme!!! So glad you adopted him....he just looks like the happiest guy!


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