Wednesday 1 October 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

Last Saturday at our Modern Quilters of Ireland sewing day I had a good look at Claire's copy of Quilt Now Magazine issue 3.  I just love this magazine and had popped out to Tesco's a day too early for it so I was eager to rifle through Claire's to see if I should make the trip a second time to pick up a copy. 

Looking through Claire's copy something must have been fermenting in my mind because when I got home on Saturday I started looking for my camera fabric. 

Fabric from Fluffy Sheep Quilting, Etsy, Celtic Fusion Fabrics and Fat Quartershop (Snapshots bundle by Riley Blake)
I've been collecting anything I could find in fat quarters and half yards with cameras on it.  the more vintage and polaroid looking the better!  When I went and got a copy of the magazine on Monday it  struck me that the cover quilt looked very like a negative film strip, with the black surrounds and dots.

I don't quite have enough fabric in this bundle to make a whole brick quilt out of cameras so if you guys have any links or come across any camera fabric please send a link my way!  I need about 6 more FQ's to make the pattern size in the magazine. 

So instead of chopping up camera fabric I decided to audition solids for my attempt at Sashiko stitching.  I thought solids in between the oriental 4 patches would be a good way to use up the leftovers from my Japanese Applique quilt

I originally thought Kona Ash would work but its not quite right.  Red is a bit too much this time around so I've gone with white, yellow and 2 blues and I hope to add in orange and red Sashiko stitching in these spaces along with some blues and whites in the darker colours.  We'll see how that goes!

As this is a bit small (blocks are 8.5") I think I might border it with a dark navy.  I haven't forgotten Wilbur either so will be plugging away quilting him this week too!
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  1. I thought the same thing when I saw the quilt - camera film! Perfect pattern for your awesome camera fabric. I can also see that quilt using a ton of dot fabric!

  2. I have a bunch of links for you - I think it would be annoying to put them on your blog in a comment, so I will go put them in an email...

  3. The lime, aqua, and orange camera fabric is my favorite :)

  4. Those camera prints are amazing!!!


  6. That is such a great idea for the camera fabric! I'll keep an eye out for you :)

  7. Great pattern for your fabrics. Good luck with these projects. They both looks pretty good to me :)

  8. I think I have the same camera fabrics, sorry I can't help! I'll let you know if I come across any online though- have you thought about Spoonflower?


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