Friday 28 November 2014

My Happy Mosaic!

Chelsea @ Patch the Giraffe challenged us today to make a mosaic of things that make us happy and share it with you all.  This was great fun!  I made my mosaic on Big Huge Labs which for some reason is not pulling in the source info this morning.  Apart from my own photos these were found on Pintrest.

Things that make me happy:
  • Tea, tea and more tea (love my morning cuppa!)
  • Dogs, our Wilbur and Charly especially.  
  • Tigers are beautiful and scary, (wrote an essay about one in school that got me an A, thanks Teach!) 
  • Books.  I love reading and learning and just getting lost in a good story.  I'm a Science Fiction Fan mostly and love Doctor Who and books by Ursula K LeGuin
  • Penguins.  Who doesn't love Penguins?  Gordon, my family and friends are represented by the penguin on the bottom offering free hugs.  G is still wearing the crazy beard.  Trust me I am protecting you all by not sharing that picture! 
  • Hobbies.  Apart from quilting B&W photography is Hobby #2 though it's taken a back seat to collecting camera fabric lately!
  • Paddington Bear - just love this little guy and his adventures.  I love to travel too, I've lived in Seattle, Frankfurt, Cork and Limerick and travelled outside of Ireland every year, with work or to explore new places on holiday, but my most favourite place, so far, is the West Coast of Ireland.  That's the Atlantic coast of Clare in the middle picture.  My favourite holidays are walking the dogs every day on a different beach working our way up the coast!  
So what are you thankful for?  What makes you happy?  Want to join in the fun and answer the Chelsea challenge?  Here's to a happy filled weekend!


  1. Tigers are simply beautiful. What a great shot of this one.


  2. All of your "tea" pics could apply to my coffee, lol!!!

  3. That 5 spout tea pot is amazing! I love tea, too! :) These are so much fun to put together and I loved seeing yours.

  4. I had such a good holiday in Co Clare a few years ago and the photo of the coast is magnificent. Teapot made me smile too.

  5. I love your list! Paddington bear is super adorable and wish I had that multiple spot tea pot!

  6. Great mosaic Ruth! You are certainly doing well with your camera fabric collection :)

  7. I love tea too! I've never visited Ireland but it's on my want to list. Where I live in Australia has plenty of windswept beaches too, which I love, but no where near as cold. I'm disappointed with how the creators have made Paddington look in the new movie. He doesn't have the beautiful friendly face that he does in the books and teddies. He sort of looks a bit mean. I think the puppet makers or CGI creators could have done a better job.


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