Monday 16 February 2015

I’m not the only one loving my Design Wall!

I found these photos while backing up my SD card and thought I might share them with you.  They are from New Year’s eve night, when we babysat my 2 little cousins.  They are really good kids and are both quite artistic.  They are easy to mind and end up drawing and making mosaics or colouring in.  Truth be told, a half an hour doesn’t even have to go by and I usually end up joining them!


Normally, they would be in bed early but as it was New Year’s, they wanted to stay up for the bells and fireworks on the TV, so we put on the movie The Princess Bride and tried to figure out what to do to kill the 3 hours until midnight.  Excuse the quality of the photos, it was very late with mixed lighting from the kitchen, telly and overhead chandelier.


They decided they wanted to play on the design wall and wondered if I had any fabric we could use to make something.  Luckily last year Cindy@ Fluffy Sheep Quilting & Irina @ El Petit Taller organised a charm swap.  We each had to choose 2 yards of a colour (mine was yellow) cut them into 5” squares and post them to our swap mama.  In return we got 112 different charms of all colours.  These were perfect for them to play with.


Their first go on the wall was quite simple enough with the charms folded into quarters and made into a rectangle, then some diamonds, then some zig-zags.  I didn’t help at all just kept them plied with juice and yoghurt!


Within a very short time they come up with this!


Talented kids, don’t you think?  K wanted to make it into a quilt there and then but L patiently explained it takes a long time to make a quilt.  He was having none of it!  Said he’d help and if we started now, we could finish it in the morning! 

You have to love his enthusiasm.  So now I think I have to add this one to the list and turn this into a finished quilt for them for their playroom at home.  Design walls are really great babysitting tools!

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  1. K and L did a great! Too funny that he wanted the quilt done then and there :) What a great way to tick away the hours! :)

  2. That is fantastic! Yes you should sew it up for them, I bet they'll love it :)

  3. How awesome. It is clear they were quite intent on the work. Did they stay awake until midnight? I tend to start out with good intentions and fade a bit early. :)

  4. Wow! Their design is so impressive. Would be the perfect addition to their house.

  5. Not too young to be playing and designing with colour. Lucky kids!

  6. What a lovely story. It would be a lovely gift for them.
    By the way I Love your blog banner. Where/ how did you get it done?

  7. You must be the best babysitter. This will make a wonderful colourful quilt.

  8. That looks like a lot of fun and what they came up with is definitely worth putting together - it looks great!

  9. I see two future quilt designers in your midst! How fun!!

  10. Great job! My two little ones love to grab my stack of 2.5" squares and "design" quilts on my design wall.

  11. What a productive evening! Did you get to watch any of The Princess Bride? That is a great movie.


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