Sunday 12 April 2015

FAL Quarter 2 Goals

It's Finish-A-Long time again!  I managed 3 out of 7 projects completed for Jan to March Finish-A-Long goals. I'm reasonably happy with that!

My Schnitzel & Boo mini, complete with matchstick quilting and a little touch from the Wilbur the Basset Hound,was sent on its way to its new owner. Lost in London quilt for Make Modern was finished just on time - here's the back for proof!  And I finally finished the Night Sky Christmas Quilt in January!  Not on time but ready for next year!

This quarter I have 2 swaps, 2 quilts for exhibitions +1 more I haven't started yet and I hope to do some selfish sewing too.

First the must makes:
  • Nerds craft it better swap 

    4 Hazel's floor cushion + Notebook cover (Tutorial fluffy Sheep Quilting) + extras
    • Local Landscapes IPS exhibition in June (Irish Patchwork Society) - ?  Haven't started yet!
    • Selfish Sewing -finish sewing machine cover & Tape it quilt from Brigitte Heitland workshop

      Looks do-able don't you think?
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    1. Definitely looks doable! Have a great quarter.

    2. Totally doable ;) The Wilbur Wobble made me smile :) I have more than one quilt that has a Nugget Nudge!

    3. That is a great list full of some wonderful looking projects!

    4. Ambitious list but I'm sure you can do it!

      I giggled at your Wilber Wobble! I blame my dogs for all my mistakes - even if they weren't there to cause them!

    5. Do-able definitely knowing your productivity :)

    6. Good luck with your deadlines, looks like you will be having another busy quarter :)

    7. Love your finishes and your upcoming projects, as well! I particularly love the 3D visual effect of the different thread colors in the match stick quilting on the Schnitzel & Boo mini.

    8. You can do it Ruth! You made great things in your first quarter!
      Night Sky Christmas will be all the more fun to pull out when Christmas comes around again.

    9. Nice projects Ruth! Good luck and have fun!

    10. Fun projects and looks like you will be busy! Have a wonderful time making these beautiful things :)


    11. You've got enough there to keep you going for the next two and a half months! I love the sewing machine cover.


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