Friday 16 October 2015

Thankful Thursday - a little late!

I had intended in getting this posted yesterday for a Thankful Thursday post but its been a busy week so a Frightful Friday post instead!  Earlier this year I took part in a fairy tale themed swap on Instagram and my swap item from Marika got bounced about a bit in the post.  I had a lovely surprise when I got back from holidays last week and found this squeezed through the letterbox.
Thank you Marika for a brilliant mini - perfectly timed now for Halloween.  I love how the trees were done and it gives it a perfect spooky atmosphere!
We thought Marika's parcel was lost for good so @Mara_Makes stepped in as an angel and sent me this arty take on Little Red.
 Aren't those teeth cool!
Mara also sent me a sewing kit with a scary wolf eyeing up his dinner and I love this to bits and use it all the time.  Little Red Riding Hood and the Princess and the Pea (which I made) were the most popular fairy tales in our group in the swap for some reason.  Thank you both for my mini quilts and all the extra bits you both included - thrilled to bits to be so lucky to receive these!
My sewing friend in our Thursday group entered this mini into the Birmingham Quilt Festival this year and the colours reminded her of me so she gifted this to me to brighten up my sewing room. 
Thank you Suzanne!  I love the fabrics by Zen Chic and teeny tiny 1/2" piecing!
Didn't I do well?  Thank you everyone for your lovely swaps & gifts!


  1. Wow, so glad that the parcel eventually found its way to you. What a bummer to have that happen, and how lovely and angel stepped in, too.

  2. Ditto, so glad the parcel finally made it to you - would have been so sad to think that such a wonderful mini would have been lost! You are a very lucky lady - the other two minis are awesome too! :)

  3. now that was entertaining! How different! The teeth were great but the trees were too in the first pic. LEeAnna

  4. The spooky trees and wolffish sewing kit are really cool.
    I wonder where the parcel went on its way to you? We had a parcel from my in-laws take three months from Canada once.
    I can understand why Red Riding Hood and the Princess and the Pea were favourites. Rumplestiltskin would make an ugly mini! (And is hard to spell.)


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