Thursday 17 December 2015

More Mug Rugs!

IPS Mid West Branch Mug Rug Swap 2015
Things are a bit mug rug crazy around here at the moment.  The Modern Quilters Ireland group are having a Christmas mug rug swap on the theme of relaxing when all the Christmas work is done and our branch of the IPS had a secret mug rug swap for our December meeting.

I received this mug rug from Claire with an extra special touch.   It included a little bag for a cup and a pocket for tea bags! You might know by now that I'm a big tea drinker - Barry's tea specifically (an Irish Breakfast blend) and when we have our Thursday night sewing meet, I bring a cup with my own tea bags!  So this is perfect for me!  Thank you Claire!

Mug rug swap, magazine and handmade tissue holder received as gifts on the night!
I was also gifted a magazine by one of the branch members on the night.  I had given a presentation on modern quilting during our October meeting and a very generous quilter had bought this magazine issue featuring a lot of modern projects and thought of me.  Quilters really are a generous bunch.  We say it over and over again but only because it's true!

For the Modern Quilters Ireland group, I was originally going to go with a cup and space for a biscuit to fit the theme of taking a break but ended up making this little guy.  Quite a few people are doing a Christmas theme as it is a Christmas swap and this little penguin has gone on holidays to the North Pole to see Santa!
Nearly finished for posting this week!

I had intended on the igloo being there in the background but I ran into a little problem and had to rescue this from ending up in the bin!  When drawing my igloo I decided to use an air erasable pen.  Mine has a purple cap on the top.  What I had forgotten is that I also have an embroidery transfer marker with a purple cap and that one, not so erasable.  Guess which one I used?

Realising my mistake after I had quilted it and nothing was fading, a few expletives, a google search, a soak in boiling hot water for 10 minutes, wash in the machine with non-bio detergent and no joy.  Marks were still there.  So bumping into Claire in the Limerick Quilt shop, she suggested heavy stitching over them, so that's what I did.  I free motion quilted in some shade at the bottom of the igloo, added some Christmas lights and then went over the whole thing again in a thicker purple thread!  And then to cheer myself up I added in my favourite red stripey binding (thanks to Jennifer for putting me onto that!) 

The penguin (I'm calling him Larry!) is based on the Greetings From Antarctica pillow projects in the book Pretty in Patchwork Holidays by John Q Adams.  I scaled him down to fit a 6" size and he came together really quickly.  Instead of felt I free motion quilted in the circles of his eyes and the pom pom on his hat!  So this guy is ready for the post, just need to add some chocolate to my parcel!  Hope all the Christmas preparations and holiday cheer is in full swing for you guys.  Can't believe it's only 1 week away! 


  1. Those mug rugslook like heaps of fun to make :) Merry (almost) Christmas! xxx

  2. Sounds like a great time. Love your penguin. I like your fix on the igloo. The Christmas lights were a great touch.

  3. that's adorable.
    Now how can you put a tea mug with possible drips on that!? See, I'm American and drink more coffee than hot tea, and coffee drips. I would hate to mess up that cute guy. The save was great, and a lesson for all. I think the colored lights are so cute too. What a nice group you have. LEeAnna

  4. What a perfect compliment for a mug rug, especially knowing that you travel with your mug and tea for events. The quilting community really is so generous! I think the igloo looks fantastic, and if you had not told us about the purple marker none of us would be the wiser. And I think the pom-pom on Larry's hat is perfection.

  5. What fun Ruth! You all are a great group of people.
    I love Larry! And the mistake with the marker turned out to be serendipitous, because the the embroidered, lit up igloo is sheer perfection! I also like then way you FMQ Larry's eyes and pom pom. Wonderful mug rug!

  6. So glad you were able to save it. The penguin and igloo are too cute!


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