Friday 5 February 2016

Wandering Camera - the snapshot edition

I'm calling this one the snapshot edition, as I had fully intended on making an effort and showing some nice photos to link up with Soma's Wandering Camera linky party @Whims and Fancies but January kind of got away from me.  So here's a little look at my past week or so!

Washed my Lost in London quilt and remembered how much I love that scruchy texture you get from the first wash! 

Took a trip to Ikea to pick up a desk and chair for a friend on the way home from Dublin Airport and discovered I really like black in a kitchen. Plus check out that wood log roller blind!

I would love to change our counter tops to wooden ones.  Really love that look!

And this yellow made me smile though I think my mum would never visit if I did this!

Still loving that turquoise blue in the kitchen - am definitely going to incorporate more of this colour into our house this year - and a hot pink blind - perfect!

Am thinking of recovering the sofa with this darker fabric (5Euro a meter!) Easier to keep clean with Wilbur and Charly maybe? And it would be handy to have a second set so this doesn't happen again!

Still can't notice the lumpy bits on the bottom of the sofa seat where I stuffed it back in - this earned Wilbur the nickname of the Horrible Animal.  We call him that affectionately now all the time!

I love the shape of this chair and could see it re-vamped patchwork style!  Wouldn't that be a fun project though I suspect it would be a lot harder than I think to do!

Very little outdoor snapshots - pretty miserable weather all around!

On the bright side I did buy a new camera and have a photo tip for you.  When a new camera model is announced, quite often the camera manufacturers drop the price on the original model quite dramatically to move stock.  If you don't mind not having the newest, shiniest model this is a great way to buy good gear at reasonable prices.  So with the new X-Pro 2 mirrorless camera on the way the price dropped on the X-Pro 1 and somehow magically it found its way into my amazon basket!

This was my first shot!  Yup accidentally pushed the button when Charly surprised me - made me laugh!
So that's my photo Friday tip and wandering camera snapshot of January!  Linking up to Soma's @

Camera And Photography Linky Party


  1. Perfect tip about buying a slightly older model camera. My husband still shoots with the Nikon D2 line because of their great price and durability (we currently have 3 camera bodies, LOL, but that way he doesn't have to swap lenses and get dust on the sensors now, too). I hope you get some peaks of sunshine soon.

  2. Fun shots, love the one of your just washed quilt :)

  3. I like the close up shot of your Lost in London quilt! Looks like you had fun in Ikea and have your next kitchen all planned out :)

    Congratulations on your new camera. Wilbur and Charly are going to be great models! Thanks so much for linking up and have fun with your new camera :)


  4. Lovely! You made me to want to go Ikea soon! Your new Mirrorless looks nice too!

  5. Your quilt looks so crinkly and lovely, I just want to snuggle under it! :)

  6. Congrats on your new camera! This was a fun set of photos, and loved the one of your Horrible Animal destroying your cushions!

  7. Congrats on the new camera and new washed quilts are so neat! Cute photos of Charly!

  8. I'm glad you're joining in with this. I patchworked a sofa once (it has a hand-me-down and we didn't have enough money to recover properly). I used a curved needle and sewed straight on top of what was already there. It took a while but boy did I love it!

  9. You certainly got great value out of that IKEA trip Ruth, so much inspiration. I would love to see that patchwork chair :)

  10. Hi Ruth! I think yellow kitchen would be super - always full of sunshine!
    I use a lot Ikea's fabrics and just got those dark flowers. Looks great on your sofa. With that other (happy flowers) I just covered one old stool. Congratulations on your new camera! Beautiful shoot of Charly! x Teje

  11. oh that yellow cabinet! I love ikea, wish I walked thru with you. LeeAnna

  12. Such a lovely shot of your quilt - quite making me want to get a quilt finish some time soon!! We've started ice skating weekly and the rink is right next door to ....... IKEA - uh oh! Beautiful shot if Charly at the end.

  13. Yay for scrunchy washed quilt texture!
    We had wooden counter tops in our Melbourne house. They looked amazing, but they are not husband- or water-proof. It is easy to damage them with water (black mouldy bits around the sink where his lordship splashed while washing dishes) and heat (burn marks). I would avoid them. Sorry!

  14. What a fun idea. I love the crinkly quilt.

  15. Those Amazon baskets have a way of having things magically hop in to them, LOL. Helpful tip on getting a deal on a camera Ruth. If this is what you used for some of the more recent photos than you did great!
    Those IKEA kitchens speak to me every time.
    Lost in London looks even better all cuddlied up by the wash. :)

  16. Life got away from me too so I'm trying to start out afresh this month. Your photos look amazing.

  17. This post was so much fun! Thank you for showing us your world. Loved even the fuzzy shot because the reason for it was so cute.


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