Wednesday 10 August 2016

WIP Wednesday - lots of them!

Flower Power -  WIP from Christmas!

I have never been a work on one project at a time until you finish it kind of girl. It’s not that I get distracted by shiny new things – well ok I do a bit – but its more like I’ve gotten to a point and I’m not sure which way I want to go next so I let it stew for a bit. Usually when I get stuck like that I make a bee block or a swap item and the complete change in project gives me space to stand back a bit and have a think! The problem with this approach is that it can take an awfully long time to get back to some things and the WIP’s and UFO’s start to pile up.

Quilted this beastie on my home machine - next time I have something this big it's getting longarmed!

I currently have 13 quilt tops awaiting backs and basting and 3 more very close to assembled and ready to join the pile. I have no idea how that happened except maybe my impatience to test a design or idea naturally leads me to piecing more than the quilting side of things. I’m also addicted to learning so love trying new techniques and playing so maybe this leads to lots of starts and not as many finishes!
Deciding how to quilt the hexies!

Flower Power stalled as I had no idea what to do with the hexies when it came to quilting.  I made up some actual sized hexies on the computer and printed them out to practice with patterns from Pinterest  Now I know what I am doing with this one I hope to finish this big bed quilt this month!

Now I have plans!  Nice to know what direction to go in.

I do have 2 actual finishes to share – I finished them a while back but didn’t get to photographing them yet and I think Pets on Quilts starting this Sunday over on Lily Pad Quilting might make for the perfect photo shoot! We’ve entered the linky party for the last 3 years and can’t wait to add Maggie our new pup to the wall of fame! 

Charly, our Pricess and the Pea loves layers!
Wilburs tail on a quilt - best we could manage our of him last year!

For the moment, settling back into my sewing space and moving out the paint tins, roller trays and
brushes – keeping the masking tape –(might prompt me to baste some stuff!) I have found that a good tidy up has helped clear the mind and get me back to making again. So here’s whats going on in the get things finished list!
  • Finish Flower Power above! 
  • Add next round to Modern Irish Bee Round Robin Quilt:  I added the skinny back border to bring it up to 36 1/2" square so I can add a paper pieced border - thinking white background with light and dark grey intersecting diamonds!  Templates from quilters cache ready and fabric on hand so no excuse to finish this one and pass onto Mary next!

    •  Baby Medallion quilt for a colleague:  I don't normally do panels but a work colleague had a baby boy and she loves giraffe so this seemed perfect for her.  Panels are quite often not square but this one is pretty good - the only complaint I have is the critters border.  Couldn't they have given you a 1/4" on either side of the cut lines for piecing?  I think some of the butterflies are going to loose bits of their antennaes if I'm not careful!
     Cute backing fabric on hand - hoping this will be a very quick and fun gift!
    •  Hand quilt Rainbow Rose and maybe my Modern Traditional Sampler with these Valdani pearl cottons just arrived in the door from Massdrop - last purchase of the year!  (Fingers are crossed saying that just in case...)

    I just can't stop looking at these beauties!  Is hand quilting 2 quilts at the same time massively daft?  We'll have to see how I manage that one and keep them away from needle sharp puppy teeth.  Maggie can manage to get up on the sofa now all by herself!  oh oh time in our house for puppy proofing!

    So there you have it - bit late with the mid year review and this barely makes a dent in the WIP pile but its a start!

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    1. I was wondering who had my round robin centre! Excited by what you have planned!!

    2. I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone on the stack of tops that need quilted. I can imagine the struggles man handling Flower Power on your domestic machine. It can be so exhausting moving and adjusting. But it's going to look great when you get it finished. I'm pretty excited for Pets on Quilts as well. We have a new kitten to introduce since the last linky party.

    3. You make me feel much better about my backlog (4 quilts)! Flower Power does look like a monster to do on a domestic machine but it is sooo pretty! I love that the hexies dictate the feel of the whole thing but you haven't had to piece thousands of them.

    4. It looks like you are just having soooo much fun Ruth. Quick the hexi's...did you sew them down by machine before quilting??? Looking forward to seeing your new pup in pictures. :)V

    5. You must quilt 24/7!! I love starting a new idea and usually can't wait to finish something to do just that! I always forget about Massdrop. I would have loved some of that pearl cotton! Busy, busy lady!

    6. WIPs have a way of multiplying don't they? I think picking one or three to focus on (that you have clear ideas for moving forward with) sounds like a great plan. :)

      I am always me to see the Pets on Quilts links and posts.

    7. You work the way I work Ruth - only much faster. But i like to let things stew too. I love your plans for the hexies!
      Those Valdani threads are better than any box of candy!
      Looking forward to seeing what you do for Pets on Quilts!

    8. Starting projects is way more fun than finishing! But it looks like you are making some great progress on your WIPs.

    9. Busy, busy :) I enjoyed just looking at your pics :)

    10. I love the threads. I'm like you I have loads of tops ready for quilting. I keep telling myself I won't start a new one until I've quilted an old one. Hasn't happened yet though xx

    11. Wow...that's a lot of tops. Good luck with getting them quilted. I'd be happy just to piece and let someone else do all the quilting.

    12. You have so many gorgeous projects on the go Ruth, I am not surprised that there is a backlog :) I love your quilting plans for the hexies.

    13. Loving the pearl cottons! Sure you need a hand project or two for Thursday night's;)

    14. You have a lot to catch up then. Having a bigger table helps to ease the pain of quilting large. Also I am wondering about suspension system... I am happy to quilt any of your work, if you need ;)


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