Tuesday 28 March 2017

Fun with scraps - ticker tape pictorial quilts

Just over 2 weeks ago, I had the privilege of teaching a ticker tape class in the Cork branch of the Irish Patchwork Society.  We looked at examples of Quilt-As-You-Go and joining blocks but spent the most of a beautiful sunny afternoon playing with scraps making pictorial ticker tape quilts from scraps.

In addition to redesigning Wilbur, I had prepared a class sample showing the technique of a guitar and brought with me templates of shapes I thought peoeple might like, as not everyone is lucky enough to have their joy of Basset Hound pups, taking up all the sofa space in the house!

As it is quilt as you go and involves basting and messing about with scraps of all colours, quite a few people took to the floor!  Some decided to make a Rose...

One musical lady tried out my guitar...

There was a dolphin...

And yes one or two Basset's!

Quite a bit of progress was made on the day.  I love this very Bohemian looking guitar.

And Joanna's original circles design for a baby quilt.

Lastly a new puppy!  Assumpta was so speedy in getting this little guy filled in.

Thank you ladies for a brilliant afternoon and I hope you had as much fun as I did!  I love visiting the Southern branch and hope to be back again sometime soon!


  1. Looks like it was a great class Ruth, your students certainly took to the ticker tape quilts like ducks to water :)

  2. Looks so much fun, Ruth! I would have made the puppy or rose! I have try this! x Teje

  3. What a fun idea for using up odds and ends of scraps. I'm glad there were a few basset hounds in the mix.

  4. Looks great, and I hope we will be seeing you soon again!

  5. That looks like fabulous fun and a great class!

  6. It looks like everyone had a great day. Great idea for a class.

  7. You led a very fun looking class Ruth! Unlimited possibilities with your Ticker Tape method. Everyone did a great job too.

  8. such creativity. Looks like a fun class :-)

  9. I my goodness, I am so jealous I was not there! I will be adding this method to my things to try list!

  10. That looks like a fun class. I would have enrolled if I were not half a world away.


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