Tuesday 23 April 2013

Bounce Basted

I don't know about you guys but I always feel as if the quilt is close to done when I've got it basted and all three layers put together.  It really starts to feel like a proper quilt at this stage.  I have to psych myself up to baste as it usually involves washing the floor until its spotless.  So on Saturday morning I felt motivated to just get on with it.  I popped into my LQS and bought the most beautiful orange backing fabric.  

Now I normally pull up my multi-coloured Ikea rug in the only downstairs room that's a dog free zone but Gordon has taken over this space to sort out things to go in the attic and it’s a real mess.  I did take a picture but Gordon was horrified I'd show the world how messy he is so I deleted it.  Maybe now he'll get a move on and give me my basting room back!

So I had to use the living room instead and move sofas, coffee tables, dog beds and then hoover like crazy and wash the floor twice to make sure all floating dust devils were gone.   I had just enough room.

2 hours later and movie watched (Life of Pi) I had the basting done.   I've never made anything this big before and very nearly ran out of safety pins.  Charly managed to sneak in at the end of the process and I nearly had a fit  getting her off the quilt.  In the end I gave up and grabbed the camera to take a photo.  
Wilbur on the other hand opened an eye to see what was going on but really didn't care enough to bother getting up from his warm sunny spot in the garden.
Now onto quilting - this is going to take a while!


  1. That is a beautiful quilt, and will look even more stunning when it's all quilted up. Well done!

  2. This quilt caught my eye in the blog header. GORGEOUS! I know what you mean about basting - and safety pins! Another blogger said it's like having to wait till all the planets are perfectly aligned, to get the floor/furniture/household all set so basting can happen!


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