Wednesday 3 April 2013

WIP Wednesday : Bounce

Yes I am still working on my quilt top made to the pattern "Bounce" by Miss Rosies Quilt Co.  I made great progress last week and then came to a grinding halt over the weekend.  So much so I worked on a quick baby quilt instead of working on completing this project which is intended for Gordon's Auntie Maura.  I read that procrastination happens when you are unsure how to proceed or unsure how to complete a task.  I really think this is true.  After laying out all my pieced stars the pattern calls for trimming them down off-centre or  wonky to make them bounce.  This required being brave and cutting into my beautiful blocks so naturally I avoided it!

So yesterday I plucked up the courage and stared cutting and sewing the blocks into rows so I could chose the best placement (up, down, to the left, to the right).  Took a while but I got there eventually.   Look at all that background fabric I cut away!

Rows all neatly placed over the chair waiting to be sewn together and then onto pieced scrappy borders which I've never made before.  Looking forward to this bit!

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  1. Great wonky stars! I agree with procrastination being from uncertainty on what to do next, or with what you've done.


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