Monday 26 May 2014

Design Wall Monday: Log cabin exploration

I'm writing a blog post for the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland page on the Log Cabin block and decided I needed more visuals so over the weekend I made a few different types of log cabin blocks.

A bento box made from 4 half log cabins or Chevron blocks and an off centre block.  I even made a traditional style block.  Just one all on its own!

And then a not so traditional!

This last one, the snail version, really caught my imagination and I couldn't help playing with it.

A table, perhaps?  Or a pair of spectacles or something else entirely?  Boo, maybe or an oh in surprise?
How about 4 blocks on point, turning in, or 4 turning out?  Yes I think I got carried away! 

There's a nice bento box tutorial on Film in the Fridge and Craftsy has a tutorial for the fussy cut block above in the Craftsy 2012 Block of the Month with Amy Gibson.  For my varying width snail trail I used 1.5" strips up to 5" and I hope to have it up as a free download this weekend coming.

I don't have a plan for the small log cabin block yet but the others are going to find their way into a few cushions for the sofa!  The snail block finished up at 19" square so I'm going to border it to bring it up to a 24" cushion. The Bento box and off centre block I'll border as well to bring up to 16"cushions. No ideahow I'm going to quilt them yet.  I am totally open to suggestions!

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  1. Lots of fun variations. My favorite is your snail block.

  2. I love the snail block, too! Lots of super fun combinations!

  3. The snail version is such fun, and versatile with it. You've made some nice examples.

  4. I never knew they are called Bento Box. Love log cabin, so much you can do. My latest is curved one.

  5. Of all my blocks, the log cabin is my favorite. Thank you for showing variations!!

  6. I love that snail look, especially with the color change! How fun :)


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