Sunday 13 July 2014

Finish-A-Long quarter 3 goals

It's time for Finish-A-Long again and I have been busy in my head all weekend trying to put together a doable list for this quarter!

I managed 2 finishes from my quarter 2 list, so this quarter is pretty much a carryover on almost everything and I've added in things I really, really want to get done!


I knew this wintery quilt wasn't going to be something I wanted to work on in the spring but I'm not taking it off the list, as I do want to have it done for Christmas this year!
  • Wilbur!

This one is nearly done - just needs the final push to get finished!

I have no excuse for this one really.  I bought the most beautiful Tula Pink backing fabric from Craftsy on sale and have a half bolt of wadding on hand and it's still not done!  This quarter definitely!

  • Medallion QAL with Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland.  
I did manage another border on this and am in repetitive block hell on the last round.  I'm paper piecing stars, which probably would have been done quicker if I had template pieced diamonds and sewed them EPP style.  Oh well, live and learn!

  • Modern Irish Bee Quilt
There are 2 more of these 20 beautiful blocks on the way to me so I've not finished and am glad to have this one to look forward to.  I just love these!  Thanks to all my Modern Irish Bee hivemates for these gorgeous blocks.
Using Patchwork Prism by Anna Maria Horner as inspiration this quilt top is a rainbow of fabrics from Minimalista and Florence.  I've got some of it pieced - 2 more rows to go.  Can't wait!

  •  Colour Wheel

I did make a colour wheel for my mini-quilt swap so I'm re-considering on these hand dyed fabrics.  I'm open to suggestions - thinking of lots of wonky houses maybe?

And because that's not nearly enough to be getting on with how about a few new ones?
  • Global Scrap Bee

I received these lovelies from my Global Scrap Hivemates.  I'm piecing them all together along with 6 more to complete the quilt top.  The block is from Clover & Violet and is really quick and fun to do.  This is going to be such a cute quilt!  Lots of people gave extra- much appreciated!

  • Picnic Quilt
I've been thinking of a picnic quilt with laminate fabric backing and this field of summer flowers seems just the thing.  These are blocks from Stash Bee Hive 10.  Thank you ladies!  I'm thinking of a double border on these guys to grow the quilt.  What do you think?  Double border or more flower blocks?  The pattern is Spring Blossom from Charise Creates.

And finally remember this Coastal Cruiser (pattern by Tula Pink)?  Well it's finished!  And a cousin of mine likes it so much she wants 3 of them!  

  • So on the list are 3 more

That's it, that's the list for this quarter!

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  1. Lots of GREAT projects! I'm looking forward to seeing you finish them. Good luck!

  2. Lots of them you have. I'm a still one at time person. Can't make a to do list!

  3. Go Ruth! I'm not sewing a long this quarter ... but I'll be cheering you on :)

  4. Nice projects! Good luck with those. You have quite a few to choose from :-)

  5. so many pretty projects and lofty goals! it will be fun to see how much you accompllish!

  6. Lovely projects; I especially like the Modern Irish Bee Blocks quilt. Looking forward to seeing your progress on them this quarter!

  7. Nice wish list! I am loving the global scrap bee blocks especially! Good luck on knocking them out this quarter!

  8. Blimey, that's quite a list - do you plan on getting any sleep this quarter?!! You've got lots (and lots!) of gorgeous projects on your list, good luck!

  9. Very pretty things you're working on there, but oh my, your medallion quilt is just delightful. I love the colours and the design. Good luck getting some finishes done.


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