Wednesday 9 July 2014

Let's get acquainted!

Hello!  Today it’s my turn on the Let’s Get Acquainted blog hop organised by Plum & June so welcome back and welcome to anyone visiting for the first time!  My name is Ruth and I live with Gordon and our two dogs, Charly (Jack Russell Terrier) and Wilbur (Basset Hound) just outside Limerick City, in Ireland.

Charly & Wilbur make regular appearances on the blog and are great company in the sewing room,  aka  Kitchen!  I sew at the dining room table and have pretty much taken over that whole room. Every now and again I have to clear up when we have people over for dinner!  My design wall is a sheet strung between a mirror and a bookcase and is collapsible!  (Wilbur has pulled it down twice!)
Limerick is my hometown.  It's a hard working town, founded by the Vikings on the banks of the Shannon river and only an hours drive away from the Atlantic ocean, my favourite spot in the whole world!

The blog name comes from Ben our previous Basset that we had from a puppy. He liked to sleep in an old shop bought baby quilt I had. He also liked to chew on it! Puppy teeth are lethal and very quickly there were multiple holes. Figuring it was un-repairable, I decided to try making my own quilt to replace it.

That was 2 1/2 years ago!  Anybody who is reading this and thinking of making a quilt, don't hesitate!  It's so satisfying when you have a finished quilt, you want to dance about the kitchen singing I made this, all by myself - aren't I brilliant!  Of course self praise is no praise, so luckily there are linky parties and friends to cheer you on!

My favourite linky party ever is coming up in August on Lillypad Quilting: Pets on Quilts!  Last year when I entered Charly there was even a hedgehog!  This year will be Wilbur's turn I think!  Doesn't he make a good model?

I find quilting different from the other crafts I play with in a few ways.  There is something collaborative about making quilts even if only sewing at home at the kitchen table. Quilt-A-Longs, Bee's, Flickr and Facebook groups and lately Instagram makes it feel like a real community sharing the process as well as the finished quilt.   I'm CB Crafty Corner on social media because the blog name is waaay too long to type!

I’m in a sewing group & 3 Bee’s at the moment so I post regularly about the blocks I’m making with links to them to try if you want to.  I try to share as many links to things I’ve found useful or just really lovely to make and it helps me too as a craft journal.  I can see how far I've grown in skills and projects.  I also love swaps and just finished up one last week!

More than any other thing this year I’ve really enjoyed designing my own quilts.  I’ve had great fun on the Medallion Quilt-A-Long run by the Modern Irish Quilt Guild and have been working on this hexie centre baby quilt I designed, not finished but getting there!  This one is definitely a candidate for slow blogger link up!

My favourite quilt so far is this one.  It’s a simple design but I really enjoyed the whole process of designing, making it and the changes that happened along the way!

Wilbur pondering a swap!
My quilting tip is to be brave and cut into your fabric!   When I first started quilting I had no confidence in choosing colours or buying prints. Trying to save money I bought the cheapest fat quarters I could find and it was always a struggle to get the look I wanted from my first blocks.  Now I think just buy the fabric you really like and don't be afraid to use it!  I do still have a few oh I'm going to make a mess of this moments but thankfully they are fewer than they were!  Try something new (maybe not with your most, best fabric – I’ve been hoarding a Kate Spain Fat Quarter Bundle for over a year.  But just the one!)  If you get stuck on something just ask!  I've had so much support and great help when I've reached out for it on the blog - thank you all for all your help!  It is much appreciated.

My blogging tip has to be a photo tip!  Most of the time we try to take photos straight on to be accurate and show someone what we are doing.  Take those shots but try changing up your angle, get down low, hunt around for the shot and you may find something different!

Some random facts about me
  • Photographer – Love B&W photos & I collect vintage cameras, bought 3 box brownies on eBay for 12 quid!  Though lately I’m collecting camera fabric instead!  
  • Engineer (Mechanical – Materials & Design)
  • Love NCIS -  The Gibbs one!
  • Books I’ve read more than once – Pride & Prejudice, The Hobbit, I am Legend and favourite writer is Ursula Le Guin.  Love her Earthsea books!
  • Love learning – currently addicted to and learning about animal behaviour!  I’m probably addicted to Craftsy too!
  • No kids but Godmother to 3 kids of friends and family, lots of cousins!
  • Actively trying to persuade Gordon and my mother (who is key in all decision making!) that we need another Basset Hound in the house!
  • Hate mushrooms!  (Am I alone in this?  Does anyone else have a food they absolutely hate?)
As part of the blog hop we’ve been helping each other out with tips and I didn’t realise I had the anti-spam number verification thing turned on.  Apologies to all who had to jump through hoops to leave me a comment and thank you for making the effort.  It’s turned off now!

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Pieced With Love XOXO
Plum and June


  1. Hi Ruth. It's nice to find out a bit more about you. That black and white photo at the top is just how I imagine Ireland from the TV shows I've seen (a bit wind swept). I love that little dog kennel with the porch in your back yard. Your blue quilt looks great beside it. Well done on designing your own pattern - I haven't reached that point yet. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Ruth! Great to know more about you. I love your quilts and your puppies and your blog!

  3. Ahh you and my husband could commiserate over my cooking! He hates mushrooms, too, Ruth, but my kids and I all love them. I dice them up super fine and hide them in all sorts of things he has no idea about ; ) Love your medallion quilt!

  4. Oh dont worry, I hate mushrooms too and hubby loves them. Really dont know how anyone can eat this lol
    I totally love your beautiful quilts

  5. Ruth! This was such a fantastic post! I really liked learning more about you (and the pups!) and your sewing. You did a super job of showing all of the beautiful things you make. Really enjoyed sharing my morning coffee with you :)

  6. Oh yes, puppy teeth are lethal. When I wash and hang all of my dog's bedding on the line, it looks like a voracious family of moths have been chewing holes through all her blankets. Sadly, this means she will never get her own quilt.
    I don't know of any foods I won't eat. Really. None.
    Thanks for showing your rainbow Swoon block. I have been wondering whether I could make one with a tiny charm pack, and I think you have just proven that I can and should!

  7. Ohh I love your rainbow Swoon! Wilbur sure does seem to be eyeing off that newer quilt lol!

    I had to read the Wizard of Earthsea in school, so I didn't enjoy it. All I could think of was "this character is named Dunny, and that's what we call a toilet!"

  8. Hi Ruth! Nice to learn more about you. I think Wilbur makes an excellent model, I have no pets, but will definitely check out the pets on quilts linky party you mentioned. I love mushrooms, but hate cucumbers--everyone thinks it's weird, but I think they have a horrible chemical taste, ick. Thanks for sharing so many projects!

  9. Love your intro! I do not have a pet myself we the kids and I are wanting a dog! Especially up here in Colorado where there are beautiful places to play!

  10. So glad to be included in this hop and get to know so many things about you, nice introduction. I would never be without my golden girls but yes my first quilt I ever made is under repair from those teeth and she was 2 at the time. Love NCIS and mushrooms but only if they are cooked, hate them raw

  11. Just found your blog. I look forward to improve my photos skills by reading you. I already learned a lot by reading you ten minutes.

  12. Ruth, your pups are adorable! I love a good animal and quilt photo, so thanks for the info about the Pets on Quilts linkup in August - I will definitely be looking for it! :) I agree with your photo tip and have been trying that myself a bit lately, sometimes just a small angle change can give a lot of context to the quilt! I personally love mushrooms but milk is not my friend which also means I have to steer clear of ice cream, which is a bummer (it is a migraine trigger for me).

  13. Your medallion quilt is amazing. I would love to make one sometime, but I LOVE fast finishes. I also appreciate your photo tips. Different angles are interesting.

  14. Hi, Ruth! I hate mushrooms (its a texture thing) and LOVE bassets! We have a lot in common! My husband and I had a basset named Baxter before we had kids. He passed away 2 years ago and we still haven't gotten a new one. It still breaks our hearts a little bit. Your favorite quilt is also my favorite one of yours. It's so nice to get to know you a little bit better. Can't wait to see what you have in store in the future.

  15. I hate mushrooms too! And so does my dog! Great getting to meet you and can't wait to read more of your posts. My Mom is renting a house in Ireland for a year, so if I can save my $$ for a flight we hope to visit while we have free accommodations. Will look for your pups in the Pets on Quilts post in August!

  16. Wilbur is too cute, he is a perfect model!!! I love mushrooms, but can't stand liver. And Gibbs is my favorite too!!!! I can't wait to see Wilbur on the Pets for Quilts, I'm sure he will really shine

  17. Your doggies are adorable. My dog is such a good secret keeper.
    Love the blog hop. Thank you Plum and June

  18. I always enjoy visiting your blog :) I don't like jelly ... the way it wobbles in my mouth is gross!

  19. Yay! I love this blog hop because not only do I find new blogs, but I also get to learn more about the people I already follow. :) It was so fun learning more about you!!

  20. Enjoyed reading all about you!! Hey I love Ursula Lu Guin too and have most of her books in Japanese though.

  21. So nice to read all about you from over here in Australia. I love your photo tip, and that blue quilt is just gorgeous!

  22. Your pups are adorable and your quilts are beautiful :) I really like your blue quilt! I know it is weird but I can't/won't eat chicken. . . long story, grew up on a farm, most people regret asking for details LOL I don't make it either, my husband orders it a lot when we go out.

  23. Great doggies! And I've been enjoying your photo Friday tips! That hexi quilt is going to be perfect for a kids quilt.Looking forward to seeing the pets on quilts linky!

  24. Visiting from the New Quilt Bloggers Hop, thanks for sharing your quilts! Cute dog!!
    Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  25. Your hexie center baby quilt and the blue quilt are both gorgeous!

  26. Your pictures and designs are beautiful! I'm a Gibbs fan, too. OH, and being brave and cutting into fabric is not my forte, but I'm getting better. :)

  27. Your dogs are precious! Mine love to try and steal the show when I'm photographing quilts, too. I'm a big fan of your modern blue quilt....Its awesome!

  28. Lovely quilts! Your corner of the world looks beautiful! I will be back to this blog for more photo tips that's for sure (cause I'm lousy at taking photos)!

  29. I love your dogs and your quilts. I am just learning photography by taking a class. And we are learning - It think it's called Lightbox too. Your post after this one was great to read and I got a lot out of it. This is exactly what I am trying to learn; take better photos of my quilts. Glad to meet you on the hop, and hope someday we get to meet in person. Anne@hudsonvalleyquilts. (I posted on June 4th).

  30. Pretty projects and I like the dog addition to your pics :-) Nice to meet you Ruth. I'm not a huge fan of mushrooms either but I don't really hate them. I don't think I have any hate relationship with food :-)

  31. Hi Ruth, great post for the hop! Love your blue and white quilt that Wilbur is looking at (and is that his little house outside? It's amazing!). As for foods I loathe, hate, detest - black licorice! Just smelling it will make me run out of a room for fear of getting sick. I react that strongly too it.

  32. Hi, Ruth - I came here from the New Blogger hop at Plum & June and quickly realized we are in the Global Scrap Bee together! I have enjoyed reading your post and learning more about you and your fur-babies are just wonderful. I have not traveled to Ireland but many friends have and they say it is their favourite place to so so I hope one day to have a chance to make the trip myself. I look forward to seeing more of your projects in the future.

  33. I always enjoy your blog - and I have just noticed your photography series - how wonderful. Your medallion quilt is fantastic - so fun to design something yourself.

  34. Great to meet you! I like the fresh bright colors in your quilts

  35. Yay! Ruth it's so nice to learn more about you :). Still loving what you post quilting & photography! You're not alone in your dislike for mushroom, I call them slugs because they have the same texture as a snail, yuck!

  36. I can't stand onions or tomatoes and can't understand why anyone would want to put them in their mouth. It's so hard to find food without either of them, especially pre-packed sandwiches and meals at restaurants!
    I love that rainbow star quilt, gorgeous!

  37. I love NCIS the Gibbs one too! Mushrooms are not my fave and my husband detests them like you. He picks them out of everything!

  38. Hi Ruth! My grandmother's name was Ruth and it's so nice to hear that name again - it seems to be a rare (but good) thing! Speaking of names, Wilbur is truly the perfect name for a basset hound. I had a beagle named Dudley for 15 years and he was such a Dudley. Your quilts are so fun and cheery. I'm not a fan of black licorice but I have a pretty varied selection of things I do like. :)


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