Monday 1 September 2014

Design Wall Monday - Nearly there!

Still working on the Penny Sampler (design by Rachel @ Stitched in Color)!  The assembly of the main sections of the design is all done and it's starting to look like a proper quilt top now!  Also starting to run out of room on the design wall!

Option 1, for this design, is to finish sewing these large groups to each other and leaving it at that for a 66" x 73" throw. 

This is what I originally intended to do and the colouring sheet that Rachel gave us is not too far away from my actual quilt top.  I was going for frosty with hints of a winter fire in the darker coal colours and pink and oranges scattered about the place.

Don't ask me where the green Seafoam comes into the winter palette!  Not sure what I was thinking there at all.  
Looking at it like this though, it feels unfinished to me so I'm adding in the optional 9" diamond row on the bottom.  

I think it looks much more balanced with it than without and gives me a chance to pop in more of that Seafoam towards the bottom right!

Nearly there now!

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  1. I like the sea foam! ... and agree that it will look more balanced with the row of diamonds on the bottom :)

  2. I agree too - definitely more balanced. It is looking amazing :-)

  3. Love it - and agree the diamonds make the quilt!

  4. Oh, I think the diamonds are going to add so much to the quilt!

  5. Love this :) I agree with the bottom it does create more of a balance.

  6. The green sea foam reminds me of frozen ice in some locations... of course it is part of a winter palette.

  7. Quite an amazing undertaking Ruth! Your green sea foam reminds me of vintage Christmas cards from the '40's and 50's and looks quite fitting to me.

  8. It's going to be stunning and the diamonds will be just right.

  9. I love the seafoam--it's a nice addition! I also agree with the others, and like the look of the additional row on the bottom. What a fun quilt top!

    1. Thanks Kate! I've gone this far now it would be a shame to not finish it properly so last diamond row is going on! Horses are still my favourite part of this whole quilt!

  10. I like the sea foam aswell. It's looking great xx


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