Monday 8 September 2014

Lack of sewing this weekend due to Granny coming to visit!

We had a visitor for the weekend as part of  Limerick's city of Culture 2014 celebrations.  This whole weekend a Giant Granny from France (Street theatre company Royal de Luxe) walked the streets of Limerick crossing the river Shannon a few times, telling stories and smoking a pipe. 

The weather was glorious (even got a little sunburnt!) so there was no sewing at all done but lots of fun all the same!

Granny gave us some dry ice and a big party.  She was meant to leave via the River but low tide and the barge not being able to get up to Sarsfield Bridge with the team of people it takes to assist a 25ft Giant Grandmother onto a rocky boat meant she had to stay a little longer.

It was great fun and a fantastic spectacle.  Normal quilty updates will resume tomorrow!


  1. This is the most original excuse I've seen for postponing sewing. It sounds like quite the entertaining event, though I think Granny shouldn't' be smoking even though she's near the water.

  2. What a fabulous day out Ruth, definitely a good reason to ignore your sewing for a while :)

  3. I've just seen on the news that these are coming to Perth too (I think next year) ... I can wait to see them! Gorgeous pics Ruth :)

  4. She spits, wees and farts on the walk around town too....couldn't believe it!

  5. Here i was thinking your post was going to be about your actual granny lol :)

    I'll have to look out for this if what Serena says happens!

  6. What a fantastic sight and a great thing to come to your city. I've never seen such a big puppet!


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