Monday 25 January 2016

Stash manifesto!

Things have gotten a little bit out of control!
Mini Muu by Koko Sei - not 1 but 2 bundles
There might have been a little bit of Massdrop madness just before Christmas.
Modern Solids by Denyse Schmidt

And a little bit from Fat Quarter shop!
Moda Bella Spring Solids Collection

And the quilt shop Tuam..
Didn't need these but warms greys make a change!

And Patchwork Plus!
Traditional bundle not like me at all and Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell

Seems I am on a bit of rainbow binge at the moment.  I have a quilt design I have been playing with in rainbow colours that I have not gotten around to using and it seems to be in my head every time I look at fabric bundles.
Loominous by Anna Maria Horner

Two solutions to this problem - make the quilt and get it out of my head or stop looking at fabric bundles!  Maybe even do both!

I dream of a fabric stash like this:
Selection on Display at Pine Needles Quilt Shop
But have a full Ikea trolley with no room for rainbows:

Love volume fabric from Westwood Acres: Inside Voices monthly bundles
Storage boxes are kind of full too!
So I guess I'm just going to have to make a few quilts and use this fabric I've been obsessively buying!  So that's going to be my Stash manifesto for the moment - make these 2 quilts:
Rowing boats design inspired by Jen Kingwells Glitter Quilt
A Christmas star design, exercise in Alternate Grid
Now the next question, solids or prints? 'Cause as you can see I have plenty of both!

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  1. I have dreams of bolts and bolts of fabric, too. I love your alternate grid star design and look forward to seeing it become a reality. :)

  2. Hi Ruth! You are lucky to have all those beautiful fabrics just waiting for inspiration! I love the first quilt photo and I would go with solids as in the photo. It's super fun pattern! But so is the second one, too! x Teje

  3. I love both patterns that you are planning to make. Both would look great in solids and in prints too. Toss a coin? It's often so difficult not to add new fabrics to your stash - when you see a line you really like it's hard to pass it by especially as most will disappear never to be seen again. On the plus side you'll never be stuck for materials to sew with.

  4. I like the patterns! I'm dreaming of a diverse stash, too, though right now I'm trying to cull the fabrics I don't like and move towards a usable stash. I can't wait for the shopping to commence! I'll just have to remember to do it mindfully...and not fall for the trendy traps I fell for before!

  5. Oh wow you got a lot! That needs a ton of quilt to be made. Lucky you ;)

  6. I told myself I wanted to use what I had, then I bought a layer cake the next day. You got some really nice fabrics. Have fun with your prints and solids.

  7. Greta stash additions! Both designs would look great in either solids or prints (or a mixture of both)

  8. I received the Westwood Acres bundles last year too and loved them. I think you had better get sewing with all these goodies!
    My stash is never going to look like that as I always buy little bits. I never have enough to wrap around a bit of cardboard.
    Does it have to be solids or prints? Why not a bit of both in each quilt?

  9. Wow, that was a massive shopping you did! But they are so gorgeous and you had to have them. Solids! I have never made a quilt of solids but they look stunning

  10. I use the clear shoebox sized totes from with locking lids to hold my fabrics. Anything smaller than a yard goes in them. I keep them arranged in color order. Then it is easy to see what I have on hand, and to find the perfect color. Plus they stack really nicely under a table or on a bookshelf. :)

  11. you have to make those quilts out of self defense! LeeAnna

  12. Oh, to have a quilt shop at my fingertips! How would I ever make any decisions?! Lol. I'm loving the second design you showed!

  13. Ooh both those quilt will be great for using up your rainbows of fabric Ruth. You picked some gorgeous bundles! It looks like you could make a half dozen more quilts too, LOL. Lovely goals and it will inspire you when they're finished.

  14. I am envious, in a good way. I love your picks. Great for rainbow colored quilts. I purchased my last items at the end of the year. I promised myself I would not buy any new fabric for all of 2016, unless I needed backing fabric. I have way too much stash. And I am going to use it this year in lots of projects!!

  15. Wow all that new fabric, I'm envious but holding back my own purchases at the moment. I love both of your designs but the alternative star is the most intriguing. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilts.

  16. It would seem you were on a spending spree!! But all great fabrics. I like both patterns you've chosen. Looking forward to seeing them unfold.

  17. It's hard to break bundles isn't it? I dream of Billy bookcases with glass doors to store my fabrics, I think it would be nice to see all my fabrics in one place. I like both quilt design, especially that first one, maybe in pastel rainbow?

  18. You certainly made some lovely additions to your stash recently. Thanks for linking up with The Year of The Stash! I look forward to seeing what you'll create from those lovely piles this year.


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