Friday 19 May 2017

What's occuring?

After looking at the video below I thought Koala needs bigger ears!  Isn't it funny what you only see after you have written the blog post!

What's occurring, I hear you ask?  Lots!
I'm juggling duties as Chair of the Irish Patchwork Society (had to make a speech at an exhibition opening - eek!  More on that next week!) with finishing 4 quilts for exhibition, falling behind on the 1 bee I'm in (at one point I was in 3), love of designing and getting things made, inspiration for doing up the house and of course the full time day job!   In between all that though I did sneak a few moments last night to design this Koala Bear cot quilt.  He needs a name!  Any ideas?

The Limerick Quilt Centre are looking for Cot quilts to donate to a children's charity during their River of Dreams Quilt exhibit over the summer.  The due date is 2nd June so I need to get rocking on this one double quick.

I will be writing it up as a free pattern so if anyone is interested in pattern testing for me please let me know!  I was inspired by the Pandamonium free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop and Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts blog hop Dog Gone Cute to make a pieced animal (that wasn't a dog!) and as far as I know no one has done Koalas yet so I had a go.  The thing I love about Koalas is their ginormous noses. This guy reminds me of Kenny the Koala who keeps stealing loo paper on the Cushelle ads on the telly!

Thanks to Mary for the dickie bow idea - makes him very cool I think.  So a shopping trip to go buy some fabric is required.  I'm also hoping to put a bed quilt into the exhibit but I haven't finished the one I want to enter in yet.  Still 2 weeks to go - nothing like a deadline to get my butt in gear!


  1. What a sweet idea and making the ears bigger was the right choice!

  2. bwaahahaha your title reminds me of Gavin and Stacey tv show! Boy I miss that. I might have to watch again just to cheer myself up from American politics. (shakes head)

  3. I would like to pattern test.

  4. Thanks a million Jo. You've come up as a no reply blogger so if you want to email me directly at ruthbourke (at) gmail (dot) com that would be great!

  5. So cute! I agree that making the ears bigger looks great.

  6. That's too cute - you are set right on grabbing the viewers' choice ;)) What was the name of the koala in Zootropolis?

  7. He looks like Cuddly the Koala to me Ruth :) Would love to pattern test but I am going on holiday soon, so I suspect I couldn't meet the deadline, sorry.

  8. He is adorable. If you still want pattern testers, I am interested.


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