Sunday 3 February 2019

Endeavourers Texture Challenge - Doodle Quilting using the Slate 2 by ISKN

Remember the big trend in adult colouring books?  I have always been drawn to these books, loving the complexity of pattern created with simple lines.  Some of those lines would make amazing quilt patterns.  As soon as I saw the Endeavourer's challenge for February was Texture, I knew I wanted to play with this idea and see what happened.  The idea of using this type of doodle quilting to create texture appealed to me.

For one of my Pictorial Ticker Tape workshops I was asked for a cow so I drew this one on the iPad and thought it would be fun to fill in with pattern.    I got a Slate 2 tablet for Christmas and it allows you to draw on the tablet with a special pen and the image appears on the app as you draw. 

The drawing area is A5 in size and uses magnets to track the pen or pencil across the page.  It doesn't have pressure sensitivity and the app doesn't have a lot of features but it is fun to use, easy to use and it saves all the lines you make and replays it back to you.  I had a lot of fun with this and loved the little video it made of the drawing which you can export as an MP4.  I thinks this will be a brilliant way to play with Free Motion Quilting.

So here is what she looks like after quilting.  I'm calling her Molly and I think she is going to be a cushion or maybe a tote bag.  Not sure yet. 

What do you think?  Think it would be fun to have videos of your quilt warm up?  If you want to see more of Molly in the making or the projects the rest of the group have made please pop over to the Endeavourer's blog here.

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