About Me
Hi, my name is Ruth and welcome to my craft blog.  I hope you enjoy my posts documenting my patchwork and quilting efforts with the odd post about the dogs!  Gordon and I live in Limerick, Ireland with our three dogs Maggie and Wilbur the Bassets and Charly (she's a girl) the Jack Russell Terrorist. The Basset Hounds are about 5 times the size of Charly but that doesn't hold her back.   She's petite like myself! 

Why Charly and Ben's Crafty Corner?
Well, it all started with Ben, our first Basset.  He was a brilliant funny dog and the reason I wanted to learn to quilt in the first place.   As a puppy, he liked to sit on my lap on a baby quilt that I had, for as long as I can remember.  Of course being a puppy, with little razor sharp teeth, he made more holes in it than I ever thought possible.  Repairs never lasted long so a new quilt was needed and that's when the idea to make my own quilt popped into my head.

I bought some fabric and a big plastic tub to put it in.  One day, I happened to lay a cushion I was measuring on top of the tub, just to move it out of the way, and Charly decided this was going to be her bed.  So in return for her guarding my stash, I let her keep the cushion and now every time I take over the kitchen table to sew, the dogs hop onto their beds in the corner and keep me company.  It's a team effort!    Even though Ben is no longer with us, Charly still sleeps on my stash box.  Wilbur takes over the corner next to the radiator (smart Basset!)  So it feels right to keep the name.


  1. How very lucky you are to have a stash guard and they're beautiful dogs to.
    My cats would be quite happy for me to get rid of the lot and sit with them on the sofa... ha no chance!! (They do get enough cuddles though)

  2. Ben was an absolutely beautiful Basset!! Doesn't it add to the pleasure of sewing when you have your fur kids to share it? :-) Hugs from Canada's southernmost town!


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