Monday 24 August 2015

Design Wall Monday–still playing!

 So I’m still playing with pups and making Dog Gone Cute blocks!

It’s funny how so many of us saw Lorna’s pattern and wanted to capture our own dogs in quilt form or make a memory quilt of sorts of past pooches. I love how Gayle @ Pedal Sew Lightly is making a portrait dog bed of her Jack Russell Cooper with the large block in the pattern. I immediately thought of my pal Charly when I saw the pattern and our previous JRT’s Toby and Patch.

Having made Wilbur it was time to immortalise Charly & Co. in quilt form. Meet the trio! These are made with the smaller block and sashed with 2.5” strips. This will become a large floor cushion about 24” x 24” when I can figure out how I want to quilt it. Any suggestions?

The doggy designs are still ongoing. I did have to take a break and make bee blocks and I have quilts to baste and finish but these are just so much fun, I can't seem to stop playing with them!

Anne @ Playcrafts, proud owner of a St.Bernard, told me to think big, really big and S shaped when doing the ears. Ears are hard – so far they have been the trickiest bit to nail down. I’ve modified my St Bernard block – I think I’m getting closer. What do you think – does it look right, or at least more right than before?

Chatting to Carla @ Granny Maud’s girl about her gorgeous furball, I came up with this – kind of a Bichon Frise I think.

Lastly I managed a retriever type dog – not sure if this works for a Labrador or just generic water dog!

Of, course it’s not all play! I do have to start writing the instructions up at some point. When I asked Lorna which of the long floppy earred designs she liked best she said both! So, I put my thinking cap on and in keeping with Lorna’s pattern tried to get a design that had a basic shape but could be coloured or customised a number of ways.

I settled on this spaniel/hound version, that depending on the ears and how much jowl you want in your dog could give a different look.

As I’ve changed the angles a bit and made the ears wider all my testing on Wilbur's block has gone out the window bar the nose! But having worked through Wilbur I have a good idea of what I’m doing now. And I have yet to make Ben!

Hoping to have a 9” x 9” and an 18” x 18” block written up for the blog hop!

And I’m making the 60” x 60” Dog Gone Cute Quilt for myself!

After all, I think we can all agree I am a big child when it comes to dogs. Fabric is picked out and cutting has started. Really looking forward to this QAL and blog hop!  Are you tempted yet?
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  1. It really sounds and looks like you are having a lot of fun with this! For the quilting, I would probably try to quilt in something meaningful... our pups from my childhood loved dog bones, so I'd probably sketch out something like that and see if I could quilt it. But that works for my pet memories... good luck finding the right pattern for them! :)

  2. Such a cute quilt. I'm not sure how I would quilt it, but I would probably do something different in the background than on the dogs just to emphasize how cute they are.

  3. It certainly looks like you have been having fun and your dogs are brilliant. Lorna's original was fun but I have a bit of a liking for beagles at the moment, so the floppy ears are a hit with me.

  4. Very cute quilt. For the background I would probably add some filler in a matching color to give texture but not take away from the piecing. I really don't know what I would with the doggie faces, I would probably add minimal quilting.

  5. It's fun seeing all the cute takes on Lorna's Dog Gone Cute pattern. Thanks for the shout out link!

  6. All so cute. I like the way you played with ears!

  7. Eee I love where these are all going! I love your changes to the St. Bernard ears, too. :D I may have to make that one!

  8. Hi Ruth! I love your puppies, real and fabric! Also I'm child minded especially with dogs and I'm so excited about this blog hop! I am making small quilt for Nero because he insisted that we have to find time to join. If I had time I would like to try to make german shephard but I have now the busiest time of the year. Looking for to make your patterns, too! x Teje

  9. If it's going to be a cushion, you don't need to quilt it at all if you don't want to :) Maybe a bone pattern somehow though if you do.

  10. These are each so adorable Ruth - I love the way you play with the muzzles, noses and ears.
    Yup, I purchased Lorna's pattern and hope to make it too, although maybe not with the QAL. But what dog nut can resist such a cute quilt?
    I love Yvonne's quilting idea. Maybe throw in some balls too. Your floor cushion will be wonderful!

  11. You captured Lucy perfectly. She really does look like a bichon frise. (She is a cavoodle – cavalier King Charles and poodle cross, but it is hard to tell under all that fluff.)
    I have a quilting idea! I did swirls with random paw prints on my recent puppy-themed quilt and am really happy with how it turned out.


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