Monday 17 August 2015

Dog Gone Cute!

You know when you see a fabric range and you have to buy it (Noteworthy anyone?)  Well, I got that bug last week when I saw Lorna's Dog Gone Cute pattern.  As a Jack Russell Terrier owner how could I resist this one?  Even though Lorna is very generously giving the instructions for this away on her blog in a series in September, I bought it straightway, thinking I'd make a memory quilt of sorts of our two previous JRT (Toby and Patch) and our current boss of the house, Charly.
Sew Fresh Quilts
Then it occurred to me not to leave Wilbur out so inspired by Lorna's fun take on terriers I tried my hand at a Basset Hound.
To get to a Basset I somehow started with a Beagle and then kept on going, making the ears longer and the jowls more jowlier(?)
 Always amazes me how wide headed some beagles can look!
 Bassets have really long pointy heads so a high forehead was called for.
Working with strip and flip squares was great fun.  Trying to figure the angles on the strip and flip rectangles not so much and I spent pretty much the whole day Saturday with a pen and calculator, trying and testing.  The nose gave me the most trouble!
I decided to use a lightweight denim fabric as the background which was a mistake as it stretches a bit so ended up using the walking foot on my Pfaff for piecing!
Testing a block and designing it at the same time uses up quite a bit of fabric and the discards were growing by lunchtime!  (all that black is 3 attempts at a nose!)
Still I got there in the end and thought my Wilbur block might make a nice cushion as its 18.5" square but I think I might lose something of it in a curved form and am now wondering about working him into a dog quilt with some of Lorna's blocks....
 I went back to the virtual drawing board and played a bit with the face as I think the long big eared Basset look could be stronger and came up with this one on the right.  Think this might be more Spaniel than Basset.  What do you think?  Left or right for Wilbur?
 Then it was try a few more dog shapes and maybe change the shape of the nose.  Big or small?
Speaking of big noses I couldn't resist this and had to design a St.Bernard too.  This is really addictive!  I am so looking forward to Lorna's blog hop on September 1st.  Lorna has kindly agreed to share the block of my longer eared furball if I can get it written and tested in time.  Would you make spaniel or a hound?  If so any of these catch your eye?  This weekend I hope to check and double check my scribblings again by making Ben.  I still miss that Basset!
Mum, Charly, Me & Ben!


  1. Ohhh my that basset is too cute. I bought the pattern too because I couldn't resist. I was thinking of doing a memorial quilt for my two yorkies that are gone. The pattern really isn't yorkies, but I was thinking it was the thought that counts.

  2. Love what you did. I've already made a block from Lorna's design that I tweaked to fit my JRT, Cooper. It was much easier than going for a whole new breed! But now you've inspired me to go for a White German Shepherd Dog and a Dachshund. For the hop I plan to stick with her design and use cute fabrics as opposed to the more color correct I used on my first go round.

  3. What a cute block, and how cool of Lorna to include it in the hop if you can get it ready in time. Not having doggies myself, I think I'll pass on this one, but I can see how it would speak to a dog lovers heart. :)


  5. Love your personalized dog blocks. They are just perfect!

  6. I think Wilbur is more Wilbur on the left one maybe

  7. Ruth that is so cool! And how fun that you are collaborating with Lorna during the hop. You designed some adorable dog blocks. I like the way you worked out differences in how the breeds look. I thought the narrower face on the right looked the most bassety, but then when you said spaniel I saw that too. (No help with that decision, am I?) Since bassets and beagles are scent hounds... maybe the bigger nose? I LOVE your block with the denim and you picked the perfect fabrics. Maybe you could find a denim look cotton and avoid dealing with the stretchiness. I bought Lorna's pattern too, right at the start. You two are going to have a ball during the hop!

    1. Just adding that I love the photo of you and Mum and Charley and Ben!

  8. Love this!!! All of your dog block ideas are fabulous, Ruth. But I like the long eared dog the best. Thanks so much for sharing about the hop. And for sharing that great photo of your mom and those Dog Gone Cute dogs!

  9. You really got carried away there Ruth, the blocks are all fantastic.

  10. Nice take on those dogs! Well done!

  11. Love what you've done with the blocks. I wonder if I can adapt it for Stan, as a lab he wouldn't need much changing

  12. How cute. I think they all look good, but I don't know dogs, so can't comment on whether they resemble a certain breed. I hope you are able to figure out the pattern to your satisfaction.

  13. I can't wait to get started on this one!!! Yours is so adorable so far!!!

  14. You had far too much fun with this. They are all cute. Shall I send you a picture of my poodle cross for your next challenge? :)

  15. I LOVE your puppy blocks! Adorable!!! The family picture is so sweet. Charlie looks very smart and I have no words for Ben's face :)



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