Wednesday 13 February 2013


I made a mug rug and I made a right haimes of it (Irish expression for making a mess of something)!

I got the dimensions right, completely made it from scraps - so far so good.  Where did I go wrong?  Machine embroidery appliqué!  I bought a lovely sweetheart pattern from Urban Threads.  I thought it would be perfect for a quick Valentines gift and the message in the heart "Meh" sums up how my man feels about Valentine’s Day.  Now he likes a cup of coffee and some dark chocolate to go with it so I thought I was onto a winner. 

Well I bought the design thinking it was straight embroidery not realising there was an appliqué part to it so, first time for everything, I started with great enthusiasm.  I found some pink fabric and started cutting but I made the heart a tad too small in one place.  Then the bobbin thread ran out in the middle of the M resulting in the white thread peeking through and then I didn't realise the lettering had two shades of red, one for shadow and one to stand out to create a relief.  I stitched them both with the same thread!  Doh!

So pleased as I was to have it complete (wonky as it was) in time for the 14th, and the fact that he had come home early and had seen me working on a heart shaped object, I decided not to wait for tomorrow but to give it to him for his desk in the front room.  Colour him un-impressed! 

Not liking the name "mug rug" he changed it to "Whiskey Mat" for his special Glenmorangie whiskey glass (that comes out of the press on occasions), thanked me for his gift and promptly pushed it to the back of his desk.  I'm hoping this might be a case of the cabled hat I made him (see earlier post).  Eventually when all the coasters are in the dishwasher he might just get around to using it! 

Now after all that I think I'll go and buy a card.  Maybe next year my Valentine's crafty endeavour will meet with more success.   Meh just about sums it up!  At least I'm being treated to our traditional Valentines night in tomorrow - a Chinese takeaway and a bottle of wine! 

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