Friday 1 November 2013


In addition to patchwork & quilting and I have a great love for photography.  It's great to get nice shots and to take your time setting things up to create the image but I also love everything to do with the camera itself.

When I saw this fabric over at  Amanda's blog What the Bobbin I knew I had to have it.  She used it to great effect to make a gift for a photographer.   Isn't it the perfect camera enthusiast material?

I love reading about new camera  models, tiny improvements and giant leaps.   Sony's new full frame sensor in a small body is really cool to me!  It bores the pants off most everyone else I know though. So when Gordon asked me what I wanted for my birthday I had a very quick answer for him, a new camera!

So last weekend while I was handstitching my mini quilt the dogs settled themselves into a sychronised dozing pattern.  I just had to reach for the camera and catch these. 

Isn't he the picture of doziness?

Except of course when he thinks dinner is coming.  Then he's wide awake and practicing the sad face!

Charly on the other hand wasn't sure what I was at, pointing a metal contraption in her face!

To me B&W photography is more than a photoshop conversion.  There is something beautiful about a B&W image from start to finish.  My new camera allows me to apply traditional film filters and keep a pure B&W workflow. I love it!  Thank you G!  Now I have to figure out what to do with my B&W camera fabric!

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  1. Such lovely pics ;) I've had my eye on that camera too - but hubby says "no" because he's got one of those big bulky canons that I need a crane to lift ... I need to practise your pup's sad face - maybe it will have a better effect on hubby lol

  2. I am such an instigator! Love that camera fabric! Those puppy pictures are fab too :)

  3. oh.em.gee your dogs are soo cute!! thanks for linking up to sunday stash :)


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