Monday 28 April 2014

Design Wall Monday

 Guess what I've been doing?

Yup, I've been trimming half square triangles.  Somehow I managed to find myself in 3 Bee's overlapping for a good part of this year.  Completely unintentional.  I put my name in for a Bee and didn't think I was in time so joined another.  A week later I got the email saying welcome!  Kind of like bidding on 2 eBay items at the same time!
Still, it's been manageable so far and I've gotten to make some lovely blocks and amazingly I've found myself Queen Bee on 2 of them for May!  So it's been kinda busy here this month getting ready for that and making the blocks for April.

This block, chosen by Robin Sue Quilts for global Scrap Bee is called the Colorado Beauty and if the pinwheel spins the other way it's called the Lucky Pieces.  Funny how they get their names.  It's made up of just 4 coloured prints 4" square with a background fabric, trimmed to 3.5" as a HST and sewn together in rows.  A really fun quick make!  I made mine in yellow;  must be the the spring feeling as almost all I'm making at the moment has lots of yellow in it!  Some of the other members made it in pink and grey.  The grey looks really good for this block. 

So the second Bee bock was made last Friday evening, just as well as the weekend got away from me completely.   Trip to emergency room  - all is ok now - took up most of Saturday and then yesterday morning Charly the JRT killed a baby blackbird in the garden   I don't think I would have been able to work on this owl block after that. The blackbird parents were dive bombing her as she was shaking the poor little thing, Wilbur hopping around barking not knowing what was going on and me yelling for Gordon was quite eventful.  Eventually she dropped the chick, big happy head on her with feathers sticking out of her mouth and came inside.   So before all that happened, I put together a fussy cut sleepy owl block.

Nela from Stash Bee hive 10 chose a fussy cut log cabin style for our April block. I chose to use a scrap of fabric on hand from some quilt backing.  Nela's tutorial was to frame it in white with 1.5" strips and make a log cabin in bright crayon colours to frame it.

The only colour I struggled to find in my stash was purple.  I think I might just have to go and buy some purple fabric!

So this is state of the design wall (flannel sheet!) at the moment.  Test blocks for my turn as Queen Bee as well as some of my WIP's.  Looking kind of busy - a reflection of how the month has been! 

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  1. All of your projects are so much fun. The HST block in yellow is so soft and soothing looking. Love those colors.

  2. The Colorado Beauty block is definitely a beauty!! Love the colors! Your design wall looks spectacular!!

  3. Love the colors in your fabrics. :)

  4. Wow, you have been busy! All looking gorgeous��

  5. i have the hardest time finding yellows and purples. your yellow block is the prettiest yellow block i have ever seen :)

  6. I love your yellow block! That's a neat design, I was about to make an oversized ribbon star quilt but I think I have enough fabric to make it a Colorado beauty. Thanks for stopping by my blog otherwise I'd not have had such an opportunity to be inspired for this change!

    1. Hi Terri Ann, delighted this will help you in your project! Even with 3 Bee's all the blocks have been totally different and no repeats so far! This one was really quick to put together and so happy looking!

  7. Three bees!?!? Oh my goodness!
    Your yellow HST block is just gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful.

  8. I spy some curved piecing ... I'm going to try it this weekend - any tips to avoid complete and utter disaster?


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