Monday 6 October 2014

Bee Blocks September Catch up

The design wall hasn't changed at all this week as I've been busy catching up on Bee Blocks!

This year I accidentally found myself in 3 Bee's and while it's been a bit tough to keep up these last 2 months I've managed to get them done on time except for September, made a few days late.  

They are done now and will be in the post tomorrow!  Global scrap Bee ended in September and I will do a separate post on that one (was a great Bee to be a part of and sorry to see it end but relived to have only 2 Bee's on the go now!)

I'm in Stash Bee Hive #10 and sign ups are opening this month, I think on the 9th if anyone hasn't been in a Bee before and wants to try it!

Caroline from Lalinsocal chose a scrappy strip block requiring 16 different fabrics in any one colour and 16 different low volume prints.  This was a bit tricky.  My stash looks quite like this bundle above (all the new stuff I've bought recently!)   I have a good mixture of prints and solids in bright colours and I try to buy for projects I want to make or prints I just can't resist.  I have some blenders but not multiples of the same colour, so it took me a while to pull this together. 
Caroline kindly offered low volume from her stash if anyone got stuck but luckily I have quite a bit of that after joining the Westwood Acres Inside Voices Club.  You get 10 fat quarters a month and I've been sharing my bundle with my fellow Just Threads (Thursday sewing group) member Louise.  Finally I managed to come up with this selection of blues. It had to be blue really didn't it!

Helen from Midget Gem Quilts, on the other hand asked for bright, happy, fun slashed blocks for our Modern Irish Bee.  The more contrasting the better.  This I had no problem finding fabrics for!

Super fast and easy to make, there is something very satisfying in making a slice and inserting a mad contrasting colour.  This will be a fun quilt top with lots of space for quilting.

We made a small 4" square for our signatures in addition to the 10.5" ones for the quilt.  A lovely way to add all the hive members to the quilt label!

Feels good to be catching up!  Linking up to Design Wall Monday and
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  1. I love both your bee blocks, beautiful.

  2. I have to admit that I am rather afraid to join in on bees and swaps due to deadline pressures, but I suspect I am also missing out on a lot of fun, too. :)

  3. Oooh that red and grey slash one is my favourite :) It's funny how much time bee blocks take up! They are only little things, but I think it's the deliberation (will she, won't she like it), fabric choices and making sure everything is perfectly pointy that take up the time. I would probably let a few sewing faux pars slide if it was just for me.

  4. Oh, look at all that Sunnyside in your bee block! Lovely.

    I get you on feeling relieved bees are ending. From being in two round robins and two bees, I'm only down to one of each, and next month is the end of the remaining bee and I can't wait so I can sew for me more often! I do think they've helped with my sewing skills quite a bit though -- I'm always much more careful lining things up on a bee block compared to making my own things!!

  5. hi Ruth, I love the red and grey slash one too, but I also love the blue spotty one and of course always love orange! I look forward to putting them altogether. I have just registered my interest with the stash bee hives (before reading your blog post). I have found the one modern stash bee we are in a mix of fear and apprehension with great fun, everybody has been lovely and I have learned a lot.


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