Friday 5 December 2014

Night Sky Update

Well, all the Flying Geese are made at last and up on the wall!  The blocks are still not yet pieced but I think Jana might be extending the Quilt-A-Long, so I might get this top together before the 25th.  There are a lot of Flying Geese in this pattern.  My small verison has over 90 and the full version of the quilt over 170 of them!

Camille Roskelly uses the stitch and flip method in this pattern.  You cut 2 squares for every one rectangle and place one of the squares right sides together on the rectangle, sew a line along the diagonal corner to corner and trim the excess 1/4" away from your sewn line.  Do the same again with the other square on the remaining side.  This means a lot of scraps! 

There are other ways to make Flying Geese, specialty rulers like Fons and Porters, paper piecing or the make 4 at a time from a larger square.  During the angled on line class with Rachel @ Stitched in Colour the pros and cons of each method was looked at and the Fons and Porter ruler got the thumbs up and the 4 at a time method, the thumbs down (harder to keep 1/4" at the centre seam and 3 usually turn out ok and 1 a little off!).

I made mine using the stitch and flip method and still got 3 good ones to 1 wonky one when I chain pieced them.  Next time, I will slow down and pay more attention!  Still now that everything is up on the wall, I know what Christmas fabric I have left in my stash for other projects (mum wants a table runner!)

As for the scraps, they are the perfect size for my Cushion and small decoration for the Modern Quilters Ireland swap.  I made a tiny 3" star from the leftover triangles of a small star and used the Red, White and Aqua triangles below from 2 of the larger stars. 

Adding some layer cake squares and some Kona Snow for background fabric, I have a shining star!  Hope my swap partner likes it!

Now just to quilt it! 
Happy weekend everybody! 


  1. I am in love with your tiny 3 inch star with a Christmas tree in the middle! I have seen many cute and wonderful Christmas ornaments this season, but your little square is my absolute favorite! Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  2. Your Night Sky and Shining Star projects are both looking so lovely, Ruth! Funny you should mention the Flying Geese and what everyone had to say about their preferred method. I agree the stitch and flip method is easy, but it is a shame to waste the corners. You were clever to make them into a little star!

  3. Night Sky and Shining Star are awesome!! Kudos.

  4. I love how your quilt is coming along. I prefer the stitch and flip method on my geese and also find it hard to toss those cute little triangles. Happy to see you are finding a use for yours.

  5. Your Night Sky blocks look great! Congratulations for getting this far along. I have made flying geese any number of ways, and I do struggle with precision with them. I love the shining star block, and can't wait to see how you quilt it!

  6. Great job! The mix of fabrics in this is so appealing. :D

  7. Night Sky is looking fabulous and your Shining Star mini is inspired !

  8. Night Sky is looking lovely!! And your Shining Star mini is wonderful! Can't wait to see how you quilt it :)

  9. I love that night sky quilt, really makes that pattern pop out! The star block turned out really amazing!

    1. Thanks! I've had a lot of fun with the star block and the red fabric from Joy by Kate Spain is just perfect for it!

  10. Thank you SO MUCH for mentioning about the flying geese methods (I wish this stuff was discussed more publicly more than hidden in places only accessible to a few). Generally I've been making my flying geese the 'no waste' method and noticed one would always end up wonky and figured I was doing something wrong. I also have the same problem with doing HST in the similar way where one always ends up with less trimmings than the others. Now I know I'm not inept!! I have a ruler similar to the Fons and Porter one (I think it's made by someone else) but I can never get my geese to work properly with it either as they end up kind of wonky too. Maybe I just haven't used it enough to practice with it though!


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