Tuesday 6 January 2015

And we're back!

Happy belated New Year everybody!  I hope you enjoyed the short series of posts hosted here and got to know some very creative quilters!  I had 2 weeks off over the Christmas and New years from the day job and took the opportunity to host posts, from some of the Quilty bloggers and Instagrammers support group on Facebook, during that time, to maximise time spent with family.  I also had great sewing plans! 

Though I ended up with sick with Sinusitis and spent most of the Christmas watching all 8 Harry Potters and babysitting some of the Godchildren,  (I used them as an excuse to go see Paddington - great movie, loved every bit of it!) I did manage to clear some unfinished objects and catch up with my quilting bee duties.

Back in November Anna asked our Modern Irish Bee for some scrappy Circle of Friends Blocks and to put some positive energy into them for her as she had a crazy busy year last year moving house and setting up to work from home.  The  blocks were to be made with Kona white and rainbow colours.

I only had a small piece of Kona white left and not enough to make the two blocks so I ordered some more which Mr. Postman seems to have forgotten to deliver.  Annaliese also chose Kona White for use in her Bee blocks for December so after the obligatory 30 days waiting and no show I went and bought a yard - probably should have bought more and this is now nearly gone already!  Anyone ever bought a whole bolt of Kona? 

Harry Potter being a bit dark and deadly dind't seem to have the right energy for watching on the the TV while making Anna's blocks.  I considered Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (my most favourite film!), How to Train your Dragon (pt1), Happy Feet (who doesn't love penguins?) but in the end Guardians of the Galaxy won out!

We are Groot!
I love the music in this movie and Rocket & Groot make the best sidekicks ever (except maybe C3-PO and R2-D2 now that I think about it!)  It's smart and funny and yes there is a bit of blowing things up, but I love that its a team effort and not the dude with the biggest gun that wins.  Might isn't right, friendship is, so that's what my blocks are about for Anna's quilt! Plus the music has a great happy vibe to it!

 The block is made up of 2.5" squares so I did manage to sneak in a Tula Pink Hoppy dot bunny too!

Anneliese's December blocks were half square triangle diamonds with smaller triangles in the centre of one block and a fussy cut square in the centre of the second block.

Anneliese asked us to include something personal in the blocks so I used my favourite Kate Spain fabric (only a little left from that layer cake now!) and some scraps from my Penny Sampler quilt I thought co-ordinated well.  For the centre I had to chose a dog!  I hope its ok and not too kiddie for her.  I love it and can't wait to see these quilts finished to a quilt top.

If you want to make these the instructions are on Modern Quilters Ireland Bee Blocks page under November and December.  Glad to be all caught up and ready for 2015!


  1. I think Guardians of the Galaxy was a good call for positive energy - it is a silly movie that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. :) It does feel good to be caught up on commitments, and I am glad you were able to clear off your plate and enjoy some down time. I hope you are all recovered from Sinusitis!

  2. I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy too! Such a fun movie!

    I bought a full bolt of Kona white from the Fat Quarter Shop a few months ago. It was a great decision and I got a great deal on it! They automatically give you 21% off for a bolt plus I used a 20% code so I think it came down to about $4.50 a yard. Can't go wrong with that!

  3. haha hubby made us to watch Galaxy too! Wasn't not my cup of tea but it was christmas. I have a full bolt of kona white to sell:) and wondering which colour to order next. any suggestions?

  4. Oooh I haven't seen that Guardians of the Galaxy movie - I'll have to google that now lol. Sorry to hear you were not well during the festive season - bah humbug! I've heard that Massdrop sometimes have bolts of Kona on sale - maybe you could start a Drop? I'm sure there will be lots of takers! Love those bee blocks that you've made and the little "wow" next to the doggie :)

  5. I have never bought a full bolt of anything although it would be lovely, wouldn't it? I can but dream I suppose :)

    Great start to your year being up to date with your Bee commitments already!

  6. This is fun! You were watching more movies than I and I thought noone can top that :D Watched Harry Potter up to 6 but than the little one desided it is to scary and she gets night mares. Love the dog! Was wondering if you go to be a shooting star (cameras) or a cute dog! I love it :) Thank you

  7. great blocks! I actually thought they were destined for a quilt together when I saw the first photo

  8. Thoes blocks are gorgeous! Love the fussy cut hoppy dot bunny! :)

  9. Thanks! I bought yards of the hoppy dot bunny from Crafty in both colours - hoping to use it to back at least 2 quilts if not more!

  10. Good for you getting caught up on bee blocks! They're so very pretty! I'm scared of Anneliese's blocks, but will get there with time :) Just need to sink my teeth in and get cutting.
    Love the quilt latter/hanger you have there. That must be very handy!
    I've bought a bolt of Kona before - it's brilliant to have in the house. I can help you get one too if you'd like ;)

  11. Ruth, your blocks turned out so wonderful and your friends are sure to be sew happy! I love the little bunny and the dog! We had a Harry Potter film festival over the holiday too, LOL. I've never seen Guardians of the Galaxy - will have to check that out.

  12. Beautiful bee blocks.
    I have never heard of Guardians of the Galaxy, but as all the other movies on your list are favourites, I think I should find out what it is.
    It is a shame you were ill over the holidays. I usually find the silly season is my most productive time, partly because it is often too hot to go out much here! Tomorrow's forecast: 38. Ugh.

  13. I love the block design you made for Anneliese. I'd have such a hard time getting the white frame in the middle square, I reckon! I've bought a whole bolt of Moda Bella White from the Fat Quarter Shop before, back when our Aussie dollar was equal with the USD. They give a discount for buying 15 yards. They emailed and asked if I minded it being cut into two lengths, for the best postage option. It was no concern to me, so it came in 7 and 8 yard lengths. Nearly one of them has gone. I do appreciate not having to get background fabric.


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