Wednesday 8 April 2015

Lack of Progress Wednesday–the home improvement post instead!

I get most of my sewing done at the weekends, Saturday and Sunday mornings in particular. I love turning on the TV programs I’ve recorded during the week and have them playing in the background while I potter about. The dogs love a lie in and snooze the early morning away and I usually have 3 hours or so to myself to sew some seams! G makes a late breakfast and its my favourite time of the week.

This weekend though being Easter was wonderfully busy instead and the weather was glorious. I just couldn’t spend too much time indoors. Somehow though everything always seems to come back to quilting!

Mum and I hit the shops for a new frying pan and came back with some fancy tiles for the kitchen. There is a space between the hob and the extractor fan than measures 660mm x 605mm so we picked out these Italian mosaic tiles to fill the space. Somehow, I don’t know why they remind me of Kate Spain fabric and we had to buy them!

Then off to B&Q for some Chalk paint. This stuff is expensive but gorgeous to play with. You can layer different colours and then distress it a bit with white vinegar or sandpaper to have the bottom colour come through. Gives a lovely weathered, shabby chic look to furniture.

Mum had left a hot pan down on her Lazy Susan and burnt a ring into it. This made the perfect first project to try it out on. Bringing everything into the garden, I painted the turntable with antique white and then to add a bit of interest grabbed a quilting stencil (I have a few and never use them! Do you use stencils?) My swirly one finally got a chance to see the light and I used it to add a blue motif to the middle.

Then wait 4 hours for it to dry and add a furniture wax to finish it off! This turned out so nice there is a list of things waiting for me to try it on. Now I want to paint everything! Funny how a little sunshine shows up how battered the poor house looks after the winter.

There was some chocolate and family dinners too, just not too much sewing!

So a no work in progress post today! My Technicolor galaxy project is still in this state. As this is a for me project it has been last on my list behind deadlines, bees and swaps. Marly told me it was conspicuous by its absence! I’m busy this weekend too so this will be it for while ‘til I can get to it. Maybe in May!


  1. Beautiful tiles!! Will you show us a picture when installed?

  2. I need to do more work on the Cocoa Leaf Medallion quilt, but I keep putting if off. Might be time to buckle down and commit to finishing it off... in a few weeks (ha!). :) The painted Lazy Susan looks great, and I love the tiles.

  3. I love how you repurposed your stencil. And those tiles are gorgeous! Lots of quilty inspiration.

  4. I'm glad to hear the Galaxy is back on the programme! You have spent so much effort in making the design your own, it would be a pity to put it aside. I've been pottering on my balcony (It can't really be called gardening!) Thanks for the tip on the chalk paint. I wanted to try that technique a couple of years ago, but had to settle for two tins of wood stain in different colours, applied in layers. The result is sctatchy rather than smudgy!

  5. Your typical weekend mornings sound divine Ruth! And this Easter weekend sounds and looks like it was wonderful too.
    Love that chalk painted lazy susan - how fun that you used a quilting stencil for it!
    My back burners are very crowded - other things always leap to the front of the list.

  6. Hi Ruth! Those tiles are so beautiful! I love tiles and still remember how much I enjoyed chooching them to our House - here in GREECE we use very much tiles. And I love also painting, When we start, it's difficult to stop, righ?! Beautiful solids! x Teje

  7. I was weeding, composting, digging, raking, tidying and planting! But still haven't sown potatos. But made a new little bag:)

  8. Love the tiles. You'll eventually get to Galaxy. I have a few me projects but want to get everything else done so I focus on them. But then I just keep starting new projects. LOL


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