Friday 11 December 2015

I've been bee block busy!

Being in 2 bees I have 3 blocks to make every month - 1 for Stash Bee and 2 for Modern Irish Bee. I managed to keep up to date with Stash Bee but this month made a big effort to get all blocks for Modern Irish Bee made and in the post! So I have lots of blocks made but not yet shared.
Image text here Image3 text here
First up Stash Bee!  We had 2 people pick the same Ripples block from Gnome Angel designed for Hive Bee. The colours couldn't be more different but apparently my sense of photo taking is pretty much the same even though these were made 1 month apart! Creature of habit I guess - this was a surprise to me writing this post and I think I must make a better effort to change up the angles a bit next year!
Image text here Image2 text here Image3 text here

For September we were asked to make these really lovely tulips from Podunk Pretties.  I love these and can imagine them on everything from pillowcases to cushions to aprons to borders on a quilt!

For Modern Irish Bee Louise picked a Wheel of Time block in greys, aquas and oranges and Jacinta picked greys and lemons in her block for October.

I really like this one too and can't wait to see it finished into a quilt top. It's from Hyacinth Quilt Designs called Garden Fence.
Lastly for November, Stephanie picked the Patchwork wheel block by don't call me Betsy in bright scrappy colours.  This was the first ever bee block I made for Global scrap bee 2 years ago so I smiled when I saw this one pop up again!
So all caught up with Bee blocks and though Stash Bee 2015 is now at an end I still have December to go for Modern Irish Bee.  Suzanne gifted us some green and gold fabric and challenged us to make whatever we wanted for her Christmas themed quilt.  I have ideas!  I'm on a roll now and am aiming to get them made this week!


  1. great blocks. I'm in 2 bees next year ( one being the Stash Bee) and am really looking forward to them xxx

  2. It can be hard to be creative with photographing quilt blocks, don't be so hard on yourself! Lovely work. Will you be in the Stash Bee again next year?

  3. Your blocks are great. I joined Stash Bee for 2016.

  4. You've done some great blocks. I was looking for a block for my month of the Siblings Together Bee and think I've found it now in the Patchwork Wheel block. Thanks for showing it!

  5. A lot of great Bee Sewing for you this last month Ruth! All the blocks are so pretty!
    It's funny that they worked out like that, but actually, i like the uniformity in the angles of the block photographs. It lets our eyes easily see how fabric choices create a different look.

  6. Wow! You have been busy! Great job with finishing those blocks.


  7. I've been catching up on blocks for my guild comfort quilts. I'm looking forward to stash bee next year.

  8. You have been busy with bees too this year. All are such lovely choices.
    I have been watching the Hive Bee this year - some lovely and effective blocks but many are very complex. I would happily make them myself, but I know if I set them as a bee block in my local group there would be loud protests of 'too hard!' Did everyone cope ok?


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