Monday 9 May 2016

Wandering Camera!

This month's wandering camera has some sunshine at last!
Mum and G at Riverfest, View of the Shannon river with Thomand Bridge and King John's Castle
Limerick had Riverfest for the May Bank Holiday weekend and it was tons of fun!  When the sun shines the river just looks amazing.  There was rowing, jet skiing and tricks and stunts on the river this year and the location of the festival on the river front instead of by the old Granary worked really well - it was thronged!  The carousel had the longest line, even longer than the ice cream and Erdinger lines!
I have to say a big thank you to my Instagram swap partner@stichedbybetty for my May the 4th be with you mini quilt swap!  I received a brilliant package full of R2 extras and a light saber inspired mini quilt for my wall!
Other happy post included the next rounds of our Round Robin bee - we have a bit of a bottle neck due to one member traveling the world and now catching up.  I added very minimally to these to get them moving on again.  I turned the triangles into arrows and echoed the grey squares on the first one and then, extended the HST to flying geese by bringing back some text print that I saw had been used in the starting block for the second.  Still working on the amazing curved block - hoping The Improv Handbook will help me with ideas!

Not too much wandering outside the sewing room - the design wall looks like this in preparation for the class in June - Traditional blocks made modern.  I am definitely going to make a quilt for myself using my dog fabric and the modern economy block. 
Lastly. Wilbur is delighted to be home after his adventure at the Veterinary College. There's still lots of sleeping and yawning. Makes me tired just looking at him. He has developed a hard case of selective hearing as he is getting very good at ignoring me calling him off the sofa! I have resorted to schmackos from time to time to get him moving!  I think he is training me!

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  1. those sleepy pictures! adorable

  2. Unlucky me to be in Limerick the only rainy day this week. It is so different but lovely to walk around :)

  3. Your traditional blocks made modern are wonderful and your class is going to be a great success Ruth!
    Great work on the round robin additions too.
    The festival looks like so much fun! Glad you got the sunny days for it!
    Does it get any cuter than photos of Wilbur yawning? I think not! LOL

  4. You have a great collection of photos this month. The Riverfest looks amazing :)

  5. Those puppy paws and faces, how sweet!!

  6. Thanks so much for linking up on Wandering Camera, Ruth! Riverfest looks so colourful and very festive! The carousel is beautiful! So much quilty goodness, but Wilbur got a hold of me! He looks so sweet. I would have hard time saying no to that face :)



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