Wednesday 22 June 2016

Rainbow Rose–Thanks to all Quilting–A–Long!

Thanks a million guys to all who are quilting a long with the Rainbow Rose QAL I’ve been hosting over on the Modern Quilters Ireland Blog.  We are onto week 4 now which is piecing the centre star and next week is assembling it all together and adding borders.  It has flown by!  Prizes are still up for grabs for any progress made on the QAL so it’s not too late to join in if anyone fancies a 40” baby quilt or 80” lap quilt!

Where am I with the making of the 72” block for the 80” quilt – ammmm just about onto week 3 now so 1 week behind!  My green to blue from week 2 needs a little bit of work so major catching up to do this week.  It is the only thing on my table (embroidery machines all packed away, 44 quilts for Evolutions exhibition in July all photographed and processed!)  and now I am ready to get piecing!

Even though I had a lot of the blog posts prepared in advance, it has still taken quite a bit of time to double check dimensions, edit, add a bit more, edit again, make visuals, chase up photos for prizes, add them in, check links and figure out how to use inklinkz!  I did get the timezone wrong on the first post and it ended a few hours too early as it thought I was in Africa not Ireland!   Oops!  Sorry to all who missed out on the first link up because of that!

On a documentary about writing I saw Jeffrey Archer interviewed and he said for each book he writes 13 revisions!  I didn’t do anywhere near that many revisions but I really did enjoy pulling in the info on the colour wheel into the blog posts and as Leanne mentioned in a comment on blogging, seeing the link ups appear really gives you a boost and makes you feel like happy dancing!  Letting those that won the prizes of fat quarters was great fun too!

hot cold 2

This big version of the Rainbow Rose I’m making is for myself to keep  and like everyone else who is quilting a long, I couldn’t resist playing around with the shapes. Using just the centre pieces makes this weird shape and it could make for a fun quilt block.  The corner pieces on their own make another nice block and I’m sure this must exist as a traditional block somewhere!


I had a bit of fun with the colouring and like this last version as a bee block maybe?  I’m itching to do a Black & White Quilt and these could be fun to play with!

But enough playing for one week – down to the serious business of making from here on in!


  1. I think the corner pieces make a stunning block and I like the coloring fun you had with them! I have really been enjoying the QAL and somehow miscalculated when I need to post to link up for Week 3, oh well. I'll be sure to be ready for Week 4! :)

  2. Thank you for running the QAL, I really started to look forward to Wednesdays to continue the piecing. It is fun and doesn't take much time each week. I like you coloring exercises)) these middle shapes remind me of some kind of crystals if you figure out a way to color them so as to enhance the resemblance.

  3. I really like all of the renderings with the different colorations.

  4. That's so funny because I have just finished my corner pieces and when I put them down to take a photo I LOVED how the block looked - I will definitely be doing something with that in the future. Thanks so much for the QAL - it's been great and has really got me thinking about colour.

  5. Thanks for hosting this quilt along Ruth....I've studied a fair bit of the colour theory before but it's a great experience to try blending things in the quilt along. I've been learning a lot. I think this is the first rainbow quilt I've made.

  6. Hmm. Maybe I can use the leftover HSTs for another block instead of flinging them into my scrap box for hexagons one day.


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