Friday 9 September 2016

Friday Finishes

Ned has cousin.  Say hi to Fred!  Hedgehogs are going the right way up.  I gave up on even attempting pattern matching but I think he looks alright! (see earlier post for details on Ned!)

One thing I noticed is that Ned and Fred's shape means they are prone to rolling over when you try and stick a pin in them (well they are hedgehogs after all!) so this time around I put a weight in Fred to keep him upright.

Not having any fancy walnut shells or anything like that I used some rice in a little pouch I made - basmati - as that was all we had in the cupboard!  I'm happier with it this way as I was starting to feel a little bad sticking pins in poor Ned lying sideways!

This week I'm not going to leave with this as the only finish! I did get the baby quilt panel finished and added in some lettering in the quilting to personalise it! First time using a panel and though I prefer piecing a quilt, I think for a quick baby gift they do work well!

And there's more!  I forgot to tell you about the Fat Quarter shop quilts I finished over the summer.  Last year I took part in a blog hop for the Layers of Charm quilt pattern using a layer cake and a charm pack to make a lap quilt.  I picked some grey squares but the fabric went missing in the post so made this quilt using Amy Butler Fabrics.

Eventually the greys turned up and I finally got around to quilting it and the Charm Pack Cherry quilt top I had made the year before!

I chose some variegated thread, 40 wt by YLI and I like to use a plain colour in the bobbin using variegated thread.  If you use it in both top and bobbin you can get some funny colours coming together on the quilt top where the threads change colours.  So, I put a pale grey 50wt Aurifil in the bobbin and played with the tension until I was happy with the results and then using the walking foot I straight line quilted both quilts by echo quilting the seam lines.

 Bound in Moda Christmas Red solid fabic and backed in Ikea Britten Nummer!

Instead of a border I free motion quilted the corners with Layers of Charm, Fat QuarterShop Blog Hop by Ruth Bourke.

I used different colours in each direction of the Layers of Charm Quilt but for the Charm Pack Cherry quilt below I stuck with a blue/yellow/green thread and used that for the whole quilt (second on the top row!)

The quilt is made with Noteworthy by Sweetwater for Moda and with some Essex Linen and Moda Naturals.  The pattern calls for 2 patterned charm packs and 2 plain.  Instead of using all the same colour in the plain I used what I had on hand of creams to light browns and this quilt has to be one of my favourites.  It's all mine, just for me when I want to snuggle in reading a book - Charly has been allowed up on it on my lap so I guess I'm kinda sharing!

I backed it with the leftover bits of Tula Pink Freefall fabric I had on hand and it wasn't quite enough so this quilt got a funny long rectangular label!

Finished at last!  Could get used to this!

Happy Friday!


  1. Wow that's a successful week full of finishes!! And they are all brilliant! The hedgehogs are so cute, and the quilts are wonderful though all very different.

  2. Wow that's a successful week full of finishes!! And they are all brilliant! The hedgehogs are so cute, and the quilts are wonderful though all very different.

  3. Wowee you have been busy! What an amazing array of very beautiful quilts, and a gorgeous upright hedgehog to totally steal the show!

  4. It's a good thing my girls aren't looking at your hedgehogs or I would have to make two as well, and not for the pins ;)) Your finishes are enviable!

  5. Oh my gosh...those hedgehogs are adorable!! Kudos on your finishes.

  6. You have been busy!
    I love Fred and Ned. The basmati rice makes me wonder if they have hedgehogs in Indian.
    Hurrah for making yourself a quilt you love! Happy reading.

  7. Wow, so many lives finishes this week! Great plan to weigh Fred a bit so he stays upright. :)

  8. There is so much quilty goodness here that I hardly know where to start. The hedgehog cousins are adorable. I love the baby panel quilt. It makes an adorable gift. And congrats on your other finishes. I especially love the grays.

  9. so cute, all of it. I printed out the pattern... let's see if it gets made!
    how's the puppy??

  10. Wow Wee Ruth - what a productive burst you've had! Love the little hedgehog buddy and that's a great idea to weight him. Each one of the quilts finished up so lovely! I especially love how you combined the Sweetwater fabrics with the Essex Linen.

  11. Talk about productive! Great finish on all those projects. Ned and Fred are adorable.

  12. Wow! You had quite a few wonderful finished quilts this week!! Congrats! Love them all!!

  13. What fun you have been having!! ALL your finishes are wonderfully inspiring!

  14. Great finishes Ruth, I would have felt bad too sticking pins in a hedgehog on the slide :)

  15. Kudos to you for finishing all these projects, you have been very productive!! Love the hedgehogs; they are so cute! I used a panel once, and it's not my favorite, often time panels aren't square and can be challenging to play with. Your baby quilt is adorable!!


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