Thursday 19 January 2017

Pay it Forward Finishes - Block books

The thing about a year is it can seem a really long time, when its waiting for the annual holidays or Guradian's of the Galaxy II to come out, but it seems so very short when self imposed deadlines are nearly upon you!

Last February, I received a Pay it Forward gift from Deborah@Sunshine through the Rain and randomly selected 3 people to pay it forward to within 12 months.  I chose to make Block books using Sarah Fielke's bonus video shared with those doing her 2016 Block of the Month.  You wouldn't think it would take a year to make them would you?  Just got them done in the nick of time!  So very happy to wrapping these up to post this week!

Abigail wanted blue and red so I used the few O-Ho circles made during a workshop with Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic that never made it into a quilt.  This could be my favourite though I really like the light grey in the next one!

An orphan block of slashed strips - no idea why I made this - must have been for a bee block.  The red star is a block made for me from Global Scrap Bee (my first bee in 2013!)

I showed you this one before - my very first pieced blocks from Craftsy 2012 BOM.  These were the colours chosen by Sobana, so this ones for her.  I will make myself another as I signed up for Sarah Fielke's 2017 BOM called Down The Rabbit Hole - I'm hoping to add a bit of Alice in wonderland to my blocks - I love that book!

Even though it doesn't look like it one has a few more pages than the others.  I used cardboard as the stiffener in the purple/pink one and it seems to fold flatter and not feel quite as substantial as the others, but you can actually get more blocks in.

For the other 2 I used Foam board and it cuts really easily - 1 A1 sheet is needed per book as the cover is 15" so a bit of wastage but not that much.  It gives a lovely finish to the book and makes it feel more durable.

So that's me paying it forward to Abigail, Phyllis and Sobana - over to you!

Charly & Wilbur paying it forward!


  1. What awesome books. I especially like the first one.

  2. These are great P-I-F gifts, your recipients will be delighted with them. I think nearly everyone takes the whole year to produce their P-I-F projects I know that I did :)

  3. What a lovely idea! The O-Hos are so pretty! This would be a gorgeous quilt but a lot of work too!

  4. Great gifts . Having made the covers how do you add the pages , just curious (and curiouser... )? I hadn't realised the 2017 was down the rabbit hole , I love Alice . And one last thing , I hope you are feeling better

  5. These are great gifts. The blocks are wonderful.

  6. Oh how lovely! I had almost forgotten about winning this. Thank you so much.Do you mind giving a link to that blog. Just want to refresh my memory about what I should be doing.

  7. Oh wow - you know what I had forgotten about these. What a lovely surprise to read this and can't wait for the postman!! I had already done my three parcels ..... although right now I have forgotten what I sent to whom. Will have to check my old posts to remind myself! Thanks Ruth.


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