Friday 24 February 2017

Friday Finishes - Modern Quilt Guild Swap!

The Modern Quilt Guild hosted its first swap and even though I have so many things to do and get finished I had to sign up,  I didn't want to miss the first swap and thought they are only little, mini quilts, of course I can spare the time.  And am I glad I did!

This gorgeous mini arrived in the post to me this week!  Thanks you Shelly for such a perfectly happy, totally me mini!  I have the perfect spot for it near my sewing machine! 

This is the finished mini I made and it has safely arrived with its new owner.  Thanks Cecilia for the photo - I couldn't resist bringing it to our guild meeting just before popping it in the post!

Each of those little hourglasses are 2" square so it was a little bit fiddly but great fun to work with.

The quilting pattern was straight lines using Christa's fractured line design I saw on her class (The Quilters Path) on Craftsy and the label was made using the embroidery function on my Husqvarna from a pattern on Urban Threads.

For the first time ever I decided to make a biggie for myself as well as a mini to give away.  I thought I was going great guns yesterday evening finished the flimsy until I realised I'd made 2 piecing mistakes - that's what happen when you sew when tired, cranky and sporting a neck injury! 

Oh well, I can take my time rippity rip ripping this evening!  I really like the low volume background fabrics and was thinking about leaving it be but then decided no, get it right.  I might just write this up as a pattern and it needs to be perfect for that!

So that's my plan for the weekend sewing.  I do hope to follow along a bit with the not going to Quiltcon on Instagram too.  It will cheer me up while I rip and redo! 
Happy weekend everybody!


  1. I must be dim Ruth , I like your quilt fine as it is ! I can't see that it takes away from it , though it probably annoys you ! I love the little create mini it is gorgeous .

  2. Lucky you to get such an inspirational piece! Too bad you have to spend time ripping instead of finishing your quilt, but as my grandma used to say (in rough translation) "if you sew and rip, you're never idle" ;)) Anyway, both your mini and its large version are great, and well worth the time spent.

  3. Both minis are awesome. It took me some time to figure out your "mistake" -- but it adds character.

  4. Your mini's given and received are both lovely. I think the big quilt will be a popular pattern too, so I can absolutely appreciate your need to unpick those pesky blocks :)

  5. I am impressed by Shelly's neatly sewn 'handwriting'. I can barely write that neatly with a pen.
    I hope the reverse sewing of those hourglasses does not take long.

  6. I love this pattern - both big and small!!

  7. I love both minis, what a great swap!

  8. Great minis and what a fun idea to make a big one as well!


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