Thursday 25 May 2017

Rin A Long - Starting and Procrastinating Already!

I think I might have a little fabric problem!  Yes, I definitely have too much fabric but that's not the problem.

The problem is I can't decide what fabric to us for the QAL with Meadow Mist Designs and Hyacinth Quilt Designs.  It's a needleturn applique project with a special cutting technique to make the rings and a big fabric square to applique them onto.    The pattern called Rin is by Carolyn Friedlander and  calls for 20" squares but I am hoping to eventually make a throw quilt and use up some fat quarters I've not broken into ever.  So I've resized the templates down 10% so I can use 18" squares and fat quarters (not sure this is the best idea as smaller curves are a bit hard to sew but I'm going to give it a try!)

I have a bundle of Cotton & Steel Halloween fabric - thinking weird circles could be fun in spooky patterns.  I also have this bundle of Cuzco - my first proper fat quarter bundle (40 of them!) I bought for myself for Christmas 2012 and still in its packaging.

I love the bold colours and the shapes Kate Spain uses in her fabrics!  Wouldn't they make for great backgrounds with maybe a low volume print for the circles?

And then I have this oh so soft bundle my cousin bought for me from the Modern Quilt Studio.

I am a little obsessed with bird prints at the moment and am heavily leaning towards a delicate quilt after all the vibrant colours I've been working with lately.

Funny how that indecision has crept its way into Kenny the Koala below (yes settled on Kenny for the name, though he is the spitting image of Buster from Sing - thanks Lena for the suggestion).

I wasn't sure to make Kenny in solids or print and pulled out all my prints, really loving these two but don't have enough fabric to make him as a cot quilt!

So I pulled out all my solids and I do have enough of these.  Is this blue too mad for the background? do I have enough contrast in the greys?  Maybe an orange background?  You see how my head is wandering and not settling anywhere at all!  Maybe its the unusual sunshine and warm temperature or maybe its just that is been so busy a year so far, my brain is already on summer holidays.  Whatever the reason my poor noggin is not in the decision making space this week!

Still, when I laid all the >1/2 yard fabrics I had on hand I thought they looked gorgeous together, this bunch is saying sunshine and cocktails to me.  A Mojito sounds quite nice about now...  I can always make fabric decisions later... or go to the quilt shop on Saturday morning ... do I really need an excuse to go to the quilt shop?

So while my brain is wandering through la la quilt land, what do you think? Any of these catch your eye?  Have you been hoarding a bundle or two you haven't broken into yet?


  1. I personally like the blue and grays for Kenny the Koala. :) I also vote for the bold colors of Kate Spain for the Rin quilt... and I look forward to seeing what you decide to use in the end for both!

  2. oh yes... collection queen here

  3. I love that collection of solids....such wonderful summery fabrics....but circular halloween sounds good to me as well.

  4. Use that Kate Spain collection, it deserves to be liberated! (Says the woman who has several collections lurking untouched in her stash too!)

  5. OH so pretty fabrics! You are spoiled for choice!

  6. Choosing the right fabric is difficult! Sommetime I get so overhelmed with choices I rather do nothing :))

  7. I think that you are making the right call for scaling down the Rin pattern, getting the pattern size down a little opens up the design all of the 1/2 yard and fat quarter cuts you have. I would go for some bold colors on the Rin.

  8. I like the orange background! We all have those bundles, unopened :X I have about 3....

  9. I'm really struggling with this Rin quiltalong . I would love to do it . I can't . I have too much to finish and too much in the pipeline . But I want to . I'll join in by drinking your mojito

  10. You have some lovely stuff in your stash -looks like you are spoiled for choice.


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