Monday 20 January 2014

Pieced Blue & White Quilt Top

Progress has been made - my blue squares top is pieced!  In the end it took 5 different blue fabrics to make this one.  It started with a big block edge to edge design and then I messed up the fabric quantity and ended up adding a 10" border in a slightly different shade of navy (it was what I had on hand!)  My temporary design wall is a big piece of cotton batting hung onto a big heavy mirror and a shelf.  The weather was against me yesterday in terms of photographs (rained most of the day!)

It was meant to look like this (that's Robot Bear beside and another blue crossing block I've on the go at the same time.)  I think I still prefer this edge to edge design un-bordered and I'm kicking myself for not buying enough fabric to make 40" giant blocks.

The  finished quilt top is made up of  20" blocks with 2 different colour placements.  I pieced the 2.5" strips in 3 columns and sewed together to make the block. 
I see now looking at it completed instead of making blocks I could have made the centre section as sub -units a little easier. I really like the centre bit where the 4 corners come together.  So I pulled that out of the design and turned it on point and came up with this 2 block design.

It's all blue on the design wall at the moment.  The radio today said it was a blue Monday (3rd Monday in January hardest Monday of the year apparently) and I think after this project I am in need of some colour! So how about purple?  Radiant orchid is Pantone's colour of the year after all!
Or even better, inspired by What the Bobbin's Blorange quilt, how about a pop of sunshine?
This last one I like a lot but I need to stop playing and get on with finishing!  Any ideas for quilting this one?  O and if anyone has any tips for helping figure how to know which side of the fabric is the right side in a solid I'd appreciate it very much!

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  1. Let me know when you find out about the solids...I just figure if I can't tell then no one else can:) The blues look great, but i do love the others too!

  2. Love all the blues, it looks fantastic! And the mock up of just the center section is awesome!


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