Saturday 8 June 2013


Apparently not putting a label on your quilt is big no-no.  It never occurred to me to make a label for the back of the quilt but I have since been educated!  

I found when trying with difficulty to write my name and country on the back of the 6.5 inch flags for Boston that I probably should start looking into small labels for gifts and things and making a larger label for quilts.  So I started playing with Photoshop Elements trying to draw a Basset shaped hound as a motif for my labels and had even more fun on Etsy shopping for labels.

This is what I got and I could not be more pleased! 

The black and white come from Cassie @ gutenTags and the coloured from Sasha @ TagsandLabels.  Thank you guys-I absolutely love them.

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  1. I love the labels! I bought mine back in 2004 and really really want new ones but I have six more I have to use. I'll have to keep those people in mind when I shop soon.


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