Monday 14 October 2013


I came up with my to do list last Thursday and didn't get around to starting anything on it until yesterday!  In my defence my makeshift design wall fell down twice, we had Gordon's mum over for dinner (I sew at the kitchen table!) and last Friday was the Irish Patchwork Society mid-west branch meeting.

So despite a Sunday start to my weekend sewing I got a lot done!  And I feel the better for it.

I made a Snowflake for Queen Bee Erica whose October block was anything you want in 12.5" using red and green with cream/white background.  Fantastic idea!  Erica is hoping to make a Christmas sampler quilt.  This snowflake block is from the Penny Sampler Quilt course by Stitched in Color.  I just love it.  I'm making one in blue and orange for my quilt!

It's funny how one block on a project is like a milestone that has to be overcome and the rest comes easier.  For me it was this long hanging diamonds block in the penny sampler.  That's my collapsible design wall in the background!  Half way through this I was sorry I hadn't used different fabrics for each of the diamonds but I think I'll hand stitch a diamond echo in one diamond in each chain.  I think that will work!

Then I got going on my mini quilt for the Schnitzel & Boo quilt swap.  I decided I was going to use my "A Dog's Life" block 1 and add to it an autumn tree with falling leaves.  A tree like this has been in my head for ages so time to just get on with it.  This is a Lynette Anderson design.  I love her stuff!
At first I wasn't sure about the red yo-yo's added to the tree, I didn't make them flat enough and need to stitch closer to the edge to flatten them out.  I do like the colour though so will probably hang onto them in a flatter form.  So I pieced the background and fused the tree.  Now I have to blanket stitch around the tree and then fuse and sew the leaves.  This will be a sofa project watching the TV for the week!

I'm not sure how to finish it.  I originally thought a patchwork border but now I'm thinking no border at all, just navy binding.  Any suggestions would be most welcome!

The highlight of the weekend though was listening to Madeline Jordan from the Western Branch talk about her quilts, her love of knitting and sewing, and her family. Her quilts all had an inspiration and an idea that sparked them and her wonderful personality came through with each quilt story.  I could have listened her talk for an hour or two more than she did. 

She told us an idea for a quilt took her from her home in Westport to Cong in Co.Mayo to research a golden cross the High King had commissioned.  Madeline wanted to see the cross to find a way to use if for a quilt idea.  When she discovered the cross had been moved to the National Museum in Dublin it didn't stop her.  She took the train to the Capitol with two of her children, studied the cross, brought home a postcard for reference and made a quilt!  The level of detail and thought put into every piece is wonderful.

Here's a link to Western Branch blog where she gave a similar talk.  I can honestly say she was very inspiring and entertaining and if I can be half as productive as her I would be a very happy quilter!

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  1. I made a lengthy to-do list for the weekend and not until Sunday night could I have half of it crossed off! I like your applique project (tree + dog + daisy). Hope your week goes well!

  2. Oooh, what a cute dog! Somebody in the swap is going to be real lucky!


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