Sunday 6 October 2013

Finish-A-Long Q3 update

So last July I created my to do list for the next quarter of Finish-A-Long 2013.  In the previous 3 months I started more than I finished.  At the end of this last quarter in September I had quite a lot made though not all of it on my list.  It's so easy to get distracted with all the quilt a longs, swaps and new ideas that pop into your head!

Here's how I got on with my July projects:

  • Bounce
    Woo hoo!  
  •  A Dog's Life,  2 blocks out of 4 done.  Ahhmm no change.
  • Boo to you (UFO from last Halloween).  Well I din't get anywhere with this yet though I did finish a banner, place mats and a Halloween Tote bag!
So zero for this one too.

New projects started
  •  Swoon 2013, pattern bought, fabric bought, SAL on flickr joined now to start cutting!
I did manage to get 3 blocks out of 9 made so I guess that's zero for this as well.
  • 4 Houses Cushion, designed,maths all worked out, test block completed
Finished!  Complete with piecing mistake but finished nonetheless and currently residing on the sofa!

So 2 out of 5.  Getting better but I know I can improve on this!  I will have to think very carefully about the projects I choose for this quarter to complete between now and Christmas!

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  1. Bounce is gorgeous! I think the 4 house cushion is super cute - even with the "mistake". I need to make my swoon sometime...

  2. The quilt looks amazing and the houses are cute. Need to make a swoon one day. Love the colors you chose

  3. I am pinning this because I love the border on Bounce!

  4. Fantastic finishes! Bounce is just stunning! My swoon didn't get finished this round either, and it probably won't make it for Q4 with Christmas coming up so quickly! Looking forward to your Q4 list!


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