Tuesday 15 July 2014

Quilt Blocks and more Quilt Blocks!

I realised in all the mayhem of the last weeks busy-ness that I forgot to post some photos and links to Junes Bee Blocks.

Barb picked this strip block, called Liberated Wedding Ring, for our Global Scrap Bee.  The tutorial for it is on Little Miss Shabby's site.  The block is made up of 4 rectangular units with strips sewn to a paper template.

I used normal printer paper and a stitch length of 1.8.  Sometimes on strip blocks I get a bit of bowing when the paper is removed but it does pull back into shape when the blocks are sewn together.

Little Miss Shabby's tutorial gives you directions on how to make a template to use to cut the 4 rectangles to give them pointy ends!  Then you sew on triangles from the background fabric to each rectangle to make a quarter block.

And finally all 4 corners together.  I really like the look of this one and I think it will make a really cool scrappy quilt!

Irina from Modern Irish Bee designed her own block based on a star shining out from the block centre.  Each block is made up of 4 quadrants and we had to make 2.  You can imagine what it is going to look like, very creative!  I used 4 different fabrics for the red squares which are tiny!  Plus Kona White for the background.

Irina made up a pattern for us to use with very clear instructions on how to put it together - thanks Irina it made making these great fun!

Lastly for Stash Bee, Shari asked us to make some blocks from Fresh Lemons Quilts Solstice Stars series.  This one was lovely and quick and was 4th of July themed.  I had fun pulling out fabrics for this one and 2 of the reds in this were used in Irina's blocks too!

It's made up of half square triangles and 4 solids for corners and they go together so quickly.  If you are looking for a quick quilt top this could be the block to use!

You need 3 HST per colour for the block and seeing as I made mine using the drawn line method of 2 at a time I had one left over so I thought might as well make 2 more and a second block!

So that was June's blocks.  Now to start July's!

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  1. Oh, I really like the block that Irina made up; so neat! Great piecing job on all your blocks. :)

  2. Love the scrappy quilt block!

  3. Seriously love them all!!

  4. Wow! All your blocks are incredible! Thanks so much for sharing the eye candy, Ruth!

  5. All of your blocks are fabulous! Especially liking the Liberated Wedding Ring! They are all so beautifully done!

  6. Nice work on all your blocks! Those red and white ones for the Modern Irish Bee are quite interesting. I want to see what it will look like all together.

  7. Those are some fab bee blocks. Thanks for sharing that tutorial link!

    1. Thanks. 3 Bees and all so different! I'm really enjoying the variety!

  8. all the blocks are cool, but I love that liberated wedding ring quilt!!!!


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