Thursday 14 August 2014

Bee Blocks round up for July

Just a quick reminder, voting for Pets on Quilts has opened.  Wilbur has entered for the dog on quilt category at number 33.  If you could spare a vote that would be much appreciated!

Please pop on over to Lily Pad Quilting to see the prizes from the very generous sponsors.  There are lots of prizes and giveaways and a number of ways to enter for them.

I managed to get my Bee blocks off at the last minute in July and have yet to start August's but I thought I'd post an update with links to the tutorials in case any of these grabbed you to make.

Jennifer from A Quarter Inch From The Edge chose one of my favourite blocks for July Global Scrap Bee.  This is my scrappy version of the converging corners block from Film In The Fridge.  I love this block.  When tiled with 3 more you get a really funky cross with cornerstones in between.  Jennifer chose red, aqua and grey as her colour palette.  A brilliant block for using up scraps!

Speaking of scrappy blocks for Modern Irish Bee, Fiona asked us to make string blocks with selvedges along the centre line.  This was a little bit tricky as I don't normally keep my selvedges. A lot of fat quarters in my stash were cut from the other end with no selvedge info, so I had a good look to see what I could find to make 8 squares.  I thought I had hit the jackpot with some Halloween fabric that had the colours depicted with really cute owls but when I sewed them into the blocks I lost most of that cuteness in seam allowance.  I hope these squares scattered through out the top will work for the finished quilt!

Finally for Stash Bee Hive #10, Tabatha asked us for cups and saucers from Kate Spain's In From the Cold pattern for Moda.  The blocks are for a quilt for her little girl who loves tea parties!  I think it's a really lovely idea.  I've been catching up on Once Upon a Time, season 2 and totally taken with the Belle/Rumplestiltskin storyline (love Robert Carlyle as Rumple!) so I was hummimg  Disney's Beauty and the Beast making this one.

I liked the idea of using different fabrics to make the set look like it was made up of separate collections, as Chip, the cup in the Fairytale, is a little damaged and a bit of an odd one out from the set.
I wasn't sure about the saucer fabric, might be a bit too dark, but it will draw the eye in the quilt when it is pieced in so I left it as is and my version of Chip should be more than half way across the Atlantic by now if not there already!

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  1. My girls love Chip! Heading over to vote for Wilbur now :)

  2. Love all the blocks, especially the scrappy ones! :-)

  3. Oh, I would struggle to find selvage edges to use for blocks, too!

  4. Love the blocks and your cute pups and as much as my cat is always on my quilts or W.I.P's I wish I'd known about this ha ha ! :)

  5. Love the cup block...Great idea!

  6. Ruth, you are up to so many wonderful creative things! It is really fun to see! I love the idea of the tea party quilt and your block is delightful!

  7. Pretty blocks and cute dog!

  8. Such a busy lady, you are. love that cup!

  9. Wilber is so cute!! Your blocks are looking great, love the tea cup.


  10. Just voted for Wilbur! Your blocks are awesome ... great job :)

  11. Oh, Wilbur, you get my vote!
    I had the same issue with the Modern Irish bee blocks. I'm so glad to see you had the same problem - I was wondering what I just didn't understand in the instructions!


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