Wednesday 6 August 2014

WIP Wednesday : Table for 2!

There is a new online craft magazine coming out in September called Make Modern.  It's the brainchild of Jane, Lara and Kristy.  I met Jane thought the Plum and June Let's get acquainted blog hop and have been following Kristy's paper piecing link up for quite a while so I was very excited when they accepted my baby quilt design.

The deadline for submission was last week so to test the pattern, I made a larger version for my mum out of 2 layer cakes.  Can you believe in all this time I've never made my mum a proper quilt?

I was surprised by that and determined to put that right.  I can't show you guys the finished quilt tops yet but I can show you my WIP on the back of mum's larger version!

So last Saturday having completed the quilt top mum and I popped out to our Local Quilt Shop, the Limerick Quilt Centre, to buy backing fabric.

I had a plan to let her pick out the backing fabric and I'd piece it straight down the middle, easy peasy!  Of course when we got there mum spotted these panels from the same range as the Layer Cakes I had used called Table for Two and really liked them. The panel has 8 prints using these 2 designs.

Trying to figure out how much fabric I'd need for a quilt approx 72" x 90"finished and how to piece in the panel was tricky but luckily Maeve the shop owner arrived and worked it all out for me in a heartbeat!   Then of course mum and Maeve realised they knew each other and came from the same part of town so we were there a while!

So this is the back!  Originally when mum picked out the panel I thought about having it going down the back of the quilt off centre but that would have been expensive.  Turned out we had just enough width of fabric to piece on either side of the panel going horizontally and this was the last of the bolt too!  Just made it!

To baste a quilt this size I had to clear the floor and move all the furniture up to one end.  Amazing how much stuff you can have in one living room!

Just enough room to fit with a few inches for me to work my way around it with the masking tape!

My shadow Charly was sent outside to guard the garden while I got on with the important job of pin basting through all the layers.  It took a bit of time and I didn't notice until the quilt was done that it had started to rain.  Sorry Charly, don't think I'm in her good books today!

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  1. Poor Charly I'm sure he had nothing but love for you once you let him in, pets are very forgiving. Your Mum will love this

  2. This is intriguing. Will you be able to show your design once the magazine is on sale? I look forward to seeing the top of your mother's quilt and how you worked the panels in. I hope it was just a nice soft summer rain when Charly was guarding the garden.

  3. Wow! I love the panel pieced into the backing! You and your mum have made a great choice! Can't wait to see your finish, Ruth!

  4. that fabric panel is great. Poor Charly. My Charlie would be running around in the rain like a fool, bringing his wet paws in to run through the house!

  5. I love Table for Two. It's so not me and makes me love it extra. I just finished a quilt top and I'm working on quilting it up to show it off in the next month or so. Be sure to come by and check it out! I used the panels on the back too (not as clever as yours, but still fun!)

  6. Oh how exciting that your quilt got accepted into Make Modern! The backing looks great, and I think Charly will find a way to forgive you. :)

  7. Fun! Look at that clean floor, lol.

  8. That is so cool! Looking forward to the finished quilt!

  9. I eas already looking forward to reading this new mag. Now I can't wait to see your work too!

  10. Time to try table basting ... Charly (and your back and knees) will thank me!


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