Thursday 4 September 2014

Bee Blocks Austin Powers style

Does groovy text writing '60's style in '70's colours count as a Novelty print?  If so I might have to rethink these Bee blocks!

Lesley from the Closet Quilter was our Queen Bee for August and chose the Maple Leaf Block from Lark Crafts free pattern.  It is a really fun and quick 9 patch block to make and we were asked for a low volume background with any print we love.  Lesley isn't especially fond of novelty prints or brown.  I'm with her on the brown though I do have a bit on hand that I use from time to time but I do love a bit of novelty especially Halloween! 

Thing is I really like this text print and thought it would make a really cool maple leaf block.  What do you think?  Too much?

I didn't stop there.  Fiona at Patchwork Delights chose the Churn Dash block and her directions were to use any print you loved in the middle, keep the colours warm and no batiks, browns, kiddy prints or flowers.  I think this works for that!

The text print in the centre is a little lost but to be fair you don't really want to compete with Austin Powers for attention!  ( I love text prints and stalked a Noteworthy FQB for ages just for the texts!)

I also love musical scale fabric.  I got to grade 3 in classical guitar many years ago and maybe that's why I love these kind of prints.  Maybe also it's a type of text?

So I had to use an Aspen Frost  piece left over from my Winter themed Penny Sampler quilt, seeing as that was on hand and out front and centre on the sideboard. 

I thought these blues and polka dot were perfect with it but flowers and frost don't fit the brief so I'm keeping this one!

It's given me the idea of a row of frosty churn dashes going horizontally on the back of my Penny Sampler - I think that would look really lovely - thanks Fi!  Great block choice. 

So for Fiona's last block keeping it warm and cozy I'm thinking pink with some Sunnyside by Kate Spain.  I think the Churn Dash has to be one of my favourite blocks and I love Fiona's scrappy warm theme going on.  Might have to make one of these myself!  The tutorial used for these is Cluck, Cluck Sew's here if you want to make a few too!


  1. Hi Ruth! Beautiful blocks and so fun Fabrics! x Teje

    1. Thanks Teje, hope my Queen Bee's like them. The churn dash fits the rules - hope Lesley likes her maple leaf - I might make one more for her anyway, a little bit tamer!

  2. I personally would class it as novelty but I think it's a bit ambiguous! Hope she likes it.

  3. Those blocks are pretty groovy. How fun :)

  4. Ha ha "snap" on the maple leaf! Love the Austin Powers fabric, it's very "groovy baby" ... sorry, I couldn't help myself :)

  5. The groovy fabric makes a great maple leaf! The blocks look great!

  6. wow where did you find that fabric. It's so mad!

  7. Looks fun and groovy indeed! :) I say good job!


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