Friday 19 September 2014

Finish it Friday - Bye Bye Love Bag

Yesterday I finished my first proper bag!  If you asked me within a half an hour of sewing the last seam if I'd make another I would have said not on your nelly.  Today though, I might be tempted.

This is the Bye Bye Love bag from Sara @ Sew Sweetness.  I got the pattern as a part of a 6 month bag of the month subscription.  (There will be another bag of the month offered on Sara's blog next January).  The variety of bag patterns given to us month by month was really good, from clutches to beach bags, but I've only made this one from January!  Yes I am a bit of slow coach.

Making bags is completely new to me and there were times I wished I had stuck with quilting but in the end, a bit of just get on with it, a few curses through gritted teeth and 2 seams unpicked with the seam ripper, I made it across the finish line!

What surprised me was the amount of interfacing every cut piece needed.  I used a lightweight stabiliser and some puffy fusible interfacing from Vilene, 3 yards of 3 different fabrics, hoops, magnetic clasps and 2 zips!  I did have to search a bit for the bag hardware bits and bobs and eventually bought them from Vibes and Scribes in Cork - where do you buy yours?  If you have any online recommendations I'd appreciate it!

My very first zipper.  It's not perfect but it opens and closes and I'm happy with it!

I really like the details of the bag tabs and the pleated front pockets.  If I was to make another (see I'm not sworn off bag making yet!) I'd change the pockets to the contrasting grey to not have so much floral!  The fabrics are from the Limerick Quilt Centre and I got them in the January sale, the lining was 50% off - score!

I chose a bright looking lining fabric to help me find things that end up at the bottom of the bag.  I hate looking into a black interior trying to find change or car keys!

The interior has 2 pockets with a seam dividing them in two - plenty of room for phone and wallet etc.

The instructions were brilliant with lots of photographs and even though this was my first time using zips I got them in with not too much difficulty.  The large zip going around the top of the bag was easier than it looks!

I think I will have to invest in wonder clips though as I stuck myself sewing the halves together quite a few times!

The only really tricky bit for me was to sew in the zipper tapered so the pieces came together at the side.  I know I'd do better next time.
The pleated pockets were much easier than they look and they are secured with the magnetic clasps.

The pattern is for sale outside of the 6 month club here if you are interested in making one for yourself.

So there you have it, one finished tote bag. I'll be using it for work, it fits my laptop perfectly. Just have to scotch guard it as the weather has turned awfully wet today!

Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a lovely weekend,  Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts and


  1. Bags always have me cursing but Sara makes fantastically clear patterns

  2. That looks like a very complicated bag to make. Congratulations!

  3. Now that's a cute bag! Perfect fabric choices. You'll have fun using this bag.

  4. A beautiful bag, Ruth! I can totally see you smiling as you head out the door with this on your arm. Such cute fabrics! Nice job!

  5. You did a great job, it looks brilliant. I absolutely love the exterior fabric. Making bags gets easier the more you make, promise.

  6. nice bag Ruth! and pretty fabric. I love all the details that finish this bag so nicely

  7. If that is your first bag I would definitely give bother one a go. It is wonderful.

  8. Love your bag. I made a laptop bag for my daughter from katy Cameron's bag a long . I too am very proud of it yet was glad to see it finished . Confession - I forgot to add the twisting closing thing and will have to unpick or cut a hole

  9. I love the exterior fabric you used!

    I bought some noodlehead bag patterns recently but I'm a bit scared to try them out! I find figuring out the interfacing conusing as we have different brands to the US ones listed in the patterns and I don't really know the different types (like the stiffness?) to be able to substitute.

  10. Fantastic bag, Ruth! Love your Fabrics and the bag looks also very practical. x Teje

  11. That is a fabulous bag!! Well done!!


  12. Gorgeous! I have a few bag projects lined up ... just need a strong drink first. I'm also finding fabric selection difficult. I don't want them to look too homemade, but I do want them to look funky ... I absolutely love the fabric you chose, it would go nicely with my mum uniform (jeans, jeans and more jeans).

  13. Congratulations on your first bag! I made my first bag this year too and I had been outing it off for..oh let's say a couple of years! But don't you feel so accomplished after making it!? I did for sure. This bag is fabulous, and I am loving the fabric! Hooray all around!

  14. What a great bag! All that work and it looks awesome. Nice work. Hopefully, you do make another.

  15. Awesome bag! Beautifully done :) I'm betting we see another before too long ;)

  16. I fear bag making too but you have done a lovely job and your material is lovely. congrats on persisting and finishing


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