Thursday 22 October 2015

Catching up to myself!

I am a bit behind myself this week - this was meant to be a work in progress Wednesday post!  Poor Wilbs had a seizure and frightened G, I must admit that the longer it was going on I thought it was curtains too but thankfully the dog popped out of it as if nothing happened, and straight away went to his food bowl looking for dinner!

If you've never seen a grand mal seizure in dogs, its quite a thing.  He fell onto his side, eyes wide open, neck arched and mouth chomping while his little legs were running like crazy.  The danger is in overheating so if it happens again we have to make sure his temperature doesn't go too high and stick valium up his butt - I kid you not!  He's 9 and pushing on, poor mite.  I must say though he his loving all the extra attention we've been giving him!
I did get my Dog Gone Cute thank you cushions finished and wrote about quilting them here on the Modern Quilters Ireland blog for a book review of Christina Cameli's book Step by Step Free Motion Quilting

Most of the rest of the week, when I've had a chance I've been playing with Hexagons.  There must be something in the air as I've seen a few Hexie posts this week.
Our branch of the Irish Patchwork Society are having a hand sewing night making Christmas themed projects.   I thought this might be good time to play around with Snowflakes.  Messing around with hexagon I came up with a few layouts that use 60-90 hexies.  Am I a crazy to try making some of these?  I found some bead designs on this web page at Bead Merrily and thought they'd make great patchwork placemats so worked them out with 3/4" hexies too. 
They would be nice as cushions but I think I need a little break from cushions at the minute!
I know red and green are the traditional colours but I quite like a frosty Christmas scheme so ended up with all these variations in blue and white and some bigger and simpler 2" Hexagon designs at the end.

Then I started playing with spacing the hexies and found a Star of David pattern. Not sure the religious connotations on this one!  Still, I like it with the darker grey background on the top left.
Finally I came up with a quilt design, I am really tempted to try!  I have a to do list longer than both arms but this one, like Wilbur is begging for attention! Only 19 2" Hexies and 35 1"Hexies appliqued per star- should be a quick make, right?
Maybe a reversible quilt with a night time version on the back?  I think I need to stop playing now, but wouldn't this be a fun thing to do with star constellations?  Funny where you end up from the first idea isn't it? 

I know its nearly Halloween but if you are in the mood for more Christmas inspired projects, Ho, Ho, Ho and On We Sew  is being guest hosted this month by Sandra Sews and Ella & Nesta's Little Room!


  1. Lovely quilting on your cushions Ruth. Good luck appliquéing all those hexies; the design is great, so it'll be worth it. Only if I tried to sew down as many as that they might just be finished by Christmas 2017 (or 18)!

  2. Oh please please make the two sided quilt (and a pattern!) that would be absolutely gorgeous and stunning. It's making me wonder what else would work well day- night too, possibly a house on a baby quilt? Or dawn and dusk with giant sunsets and sunrises!!

  3. I love the idea of a snowflake hexi quilt! Or just hexi snowflakes in general. I hope something comes of these great ideas :)

  4. Great cushions. I love the hexie designs. The stars are wonderful xx

  5. What a lot of wonderful potential designs. I love the snowflake/star variations.

  6. I love this idea of hexie snowflakes! And the reversible star quilt is a brilliant idea!

  7. I am so glad Wilbur is OK, that sounds quite frightening! I think your hexagon layouts are fun, and I really love the quilt design and idea of making it double sided...

  8. That is so scary about Wilbur and I am glad he is okay now. We have friends whose Irish Setter has seizures from time to time. He always seems to pull through and almost acts like nothing happened. I hope that Wilbur does not have any more seizures.
    The two thank you pillows look great and their recipients will love them... a sweet reminder of their time with Charly.
    Ruth I really love your idea for the to sided snowstar hexi quilt.

  9. I hope Wilbur is doing a lot better now. That is very scary!! The cushions are adorable, I do love that black background. The snowflakes will look amazing. I know it will be a lot of work, but if you can manage it, definitely make it two sided!


  10. Sorry to hear about Wilbur. I hope he's doing okay now. I'm sure he's loving all the attention. Great hexie patterns. Can't wait to see it unfold.

  11. Hope Wilbur is all right. The very last design you put up, you should make it as fabric design! Very nice!

  12. Poor Wilbur! I hope he is on the mend. We are off to the vet with our elderly cat today. He has gone off his food. Never a good sign.
    The Christmas hexagons are all beautiful. You will make something lovely whichever design you choose. You know you want another cushion!

  13. Hi Ruth First time visit here. So sorry to hear about your dog - hope he's all OK now. I love the idea of hexie stars and also love the blue/white/silver theme for Christmas. However, might have to leave that until next year because I am working my way through the book 100 Snowflakes to Crochet!!!

  14. So sorry to hear about Wilbur's troubles, but glad he seems to be doing fine. Your cushion covers turned out beautifully. Love the new quilting styles you chose!

  15. Oh my my...such cute cushion covers! and then I got distracted with those fabulous hexagons...hmmmm, off to create myself!


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