Friday 9 October 2015

Visiting Quilt Shops in Utah

Our family holiday to Chicago for my cousins wedding was the perfect excuse we needed to extend our trip and go and visit G's sister who lives in the suburbs of Salt Lake City.  Being quite a distance from Ireland it made sense to do a hop skip and a jump and fly via Illinois!
Knowing my love of quilting, we stopped off at a place just outside Salt Lake City called Gardner Village to get some coffee and cinnamon rolls and while the lads were enjoying the break I got to wander around and take some photos!

Halloween preparation was in full swing and this display caught my eye and brought me to a quilt shop selling finished traditional quilts.  I was intrigued by the pricing as I don't know about you but I find pricing quilts really tricky.  I generally don't do commissioned quilts and tend to make just to make and have fun exploring design.  I tend to give my finished quilts as presents rather than sell them, though at some point that will probably have to change as my finishes gather.  (I'm a slow finisher but I can dream of having a bunch of finished quilts!)
I loved the crafty Halloween touches all around the shops in the village! 
Then I stumbled upon Pine Needles and was in quilty heaven for a bit!
This was more like it!  Lots of colour, beautiful fabrics and inspirational makes dotted all around the place!
I asked permission to take photos and kind of got carried away as you can see! 
Pine needles offers quilt and bag patterns, kits, quilt of the months and lots and lots of gorgeous modern fabric!
I love the Christmas display...

but seemed to spend almost all my time and dollars in the Halloween section!

I made quite a few purchases...

 and whole heartedly agree with these sentiments as afterall:
No truer words were said!
Utah was great fun and we spent quite a bit of time catching up with family and out and about hiking down Snowbird mountain, learning about dinosaurs and homimids...

and we got to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearse too (all 300 of them!)  We had a nice wander around Temple square.  After all when in Rome... I'd go back again tomorrow and not just for the quilt shop!  I loved the dinosaurs but G loved the mountains best.  The sunshine was nice for a change too!
Borrowed a hat - still got sunburned wearing factor 30!


  1. Wow! What a lovely trip. The quilt shop finds are sweet. And the photos of the sights are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your time away with us!

  2. Lucky you - looks like a fabulous trip.

  3. well heck, if you can go to Utah, you can come to DC and see me!! LOL that might be too far.... I lived in SLC for a few months awaiting a Canadian work visa. I loved it, so much natural beauty. Glad you had such a fun visit. I bet everyone loved your Irish accents too. Not much in the way of pubs in SLC though... ha! LEeAnna

  4. Pine Needles does looks like an awesome shop. It sounds like G and my husband agree that the mountains are the place to be. :)

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  6. Great trip! Yes, I would have spent all my time and money in the Halloween section as well. I agree with G, I love the mountains too :)


  7. Looks like you had the most marvelous time Ruth. I'm so glad! That Utah sun will fry anyone who isn't acclimated to it. Pine Needles looks a lot like our local Pine Grove quilt shop. The mountains ate breathtaking - that would be my favorite part too.

  8. I loved reading this. I am not far from where you were, and I agree that the mountains are spectacular. :)

  9. Your holiday looks great! I just want to go anywhere!

  10. How exciting, you reminded me of home... SLC that is.. home to my family, friends, my sister, and more quilt shops in one city than any other city I've ever been to.. :) It looks like you had a blast!! Did you happen to get over to Quilts, ETC in Sandy, that's my favorite shop, they are so large, they even opened a store across the street.

  11. So much fun! Fabric and mountain, perfect combination.

  12. If you travel all that way, a 'hop' from Illinois to Utah makes perfect sense to me.
    The dinosaurs look amazing. Did all your fabric shopping fit in your suitcase?


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