Wednesday 8 November 2017

WIP Wednesday - Still lots going on!

Keeping up a blog relies as much on habit as it does on making things to show but sometimes, the time it takes to write up a blog post, is lost to fun things like visiting family home for a month, secret sewing projects for new classes & workshops, designs for publication and guild work and the not so fun things like cleaning the house, reactions to the flu jab and ironing the clothes!

Having said all that, I feel the pull to the blog very strongly every now and again as the act of writing about WIP's and design ideas, things I've explored or learned and the desire to express that, gives me a sense of satisfaction and joy in sharing.  And there has been lots going on!

As Chairperson for the Irish Patchwork Society (IPS), there was the AGM where afterwards the guest speaker was Janice Gunner from the British Guild of Quilters.   We learned all about the different Japanese textiles made from Shibori techniques and got to see samples Janice had created (images above).  If anyone has or knows of some good books on Quilt History and Textiles I would be really interested in learning more - so far I have found very little in depth books that you could settle in by the fire and a strong cuppa tea and spend an hour or two devouring so suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

There are a pile of quilt tops and WIP's ready to be worked on, a new website for the IPS with lots of members only content planned and in progress, 4 new designs in various stages which will need pattern testing at some point and a pile of fabric waiting for cutting!

In the midst of writing about log cabins for the new IPS website I created these illustrations to show improv log cabins and now want to drop everything and make them so last weekend I uploaded the images to Playcrafts palette builder and bought a bucket load of solids from the Limerick Quilt Centre.  Thinking of a one block quilt in green for our brown leather sofa!  Nice and bright for the winter - should be cheery!

Another idea that came from the Elements of a Modern Quilt Class I am preparing for the IPS next March is this Triangle play quilt.  Really like the orange and blue with Kona Coal on this one so bought the fabric for that too, this time from Plush addict!

I had been without my large sewing machine for 3 months too as it was getting repaired - remember the bother I had with it for North South East & West?  Well turns out there was a teeny tiny spring gone in the bottom and we think that may have been catching the thread as I moved my hands in the 10 O'Clock position!

Lastly I have had this quilt on the design wall since August when we had to say goodbye to Wilbur and I just didn't feel like getting on with it.  Time is right now so I have two versions of Home is Where the Dog Is on the go.  I pieced in a day this minimalist one inspired by Wilbur's Kennel!  A finished Quilt top feels like progress.  Now to get on with the quilting!  I'm hoping to quilt the text in relief with straight line quilting around the shapes!

So much more to do....stay tuned...giveaway coming up this month too!

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  1. OMG!!! LOVE this quilt....can't decide which I like best...the front or back??

  2. What a sweet, sweet quilt based on the kennel. I'm glad for the update on all the things you are doing. :)

  3. Well I am so glad that you found the time to blog Ruth, that was a complete eye candy type of post. You have some wonderful projects lined up.

  4. Enjoy the improv log cabin. I shall be following closely as they are on my agenda too.

  5. Gosh you are busy and so much involved! Love that new quilt design. I think pretty cool :)

  6. Your designs are so beautiful, I can see why you wanted to drop everything and start making them!

  7. Love the colours of the solids! And I want to see those blue projects! Are they the secret ones. Shibori too maybe?

  8. So much behind the scenes going on, I can understand the unwillingness to put it in order for a post. That resonates here. But so nice to hear that life is good and moving ahead. It sounds like a good sewing plan for the near future with all the potential projects on your drawing board.

  9. I love Home is Where the Dog Is, what a lovely tribute such a special friend. You have much going on, so exciting.

  10. Lots of fun things in the works in your studio.

  11. Sometimes the blog has to come in second to other things. But it seems you've been busy with some fun stuff. I love that purple fabric -- it's so vibrant. Home is Where the Dog Is is going to be a great tribute.


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